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Right And Wrong

Air Force One finds Timid Mom and Foreman hunched over a whimpering Gabe. Foreman admits that they have no idea what is wrong with Gabe now. Air Force One walks up to his son, and we see he now has a big, nasty rash all over his back.

Cameron and Foreman follow House into the meeting room. Foreman says that Gabe's skin lesions are spreading and getting deeper, and that Gabe will go septic in a matter of days. Chase the Elder's in the meeting room already, enjoying a salad. He asks where his son is. Cameron says that he's on Clinic duty, and I did not know that the Cottages had to do that. I want to see! House says he rescheduled everyone so that they'd be able to give their full attention to this case. Cameron tattles that Chase re-rescheduled himself, and House makes a face.

My prayers are answered! Chase the Younger is dealing with some old guy with an arm problem when House enters to answer a page Chase never sent. He's followed by the remaining Cottages (looking very sorry to be involved in House's latest mindfuck) and Chase the Elder. The five start to talk about Gabe's skin lesions, completely ignoring Chase's current patient, who has no idea why people are talking about a skin rash he doesn't have. When they mention that the patient is a twelve-year-old male, it dawns on the old guy that they're talking about someone else, so he just sits there and mumbles to himself. Chase the Elder thinks the anthrax triggered an autoimmune response, causing the skin lesions. Chase the Younger doesn't think so. His theory is multiple neurofibromatosis, and he thinks Chase the Elder is only suggesting autoimmune stuff because that's his particular area of expertise. House agrees with Chase the Elder. The non-daddy-issue-having Cottages leave to give Gabe some steroids. The Old Guy asks why his fingers are numb. House simply says that his watch is on too tight, and Chase remembers why he loves his boss so very much. Old Guy loosens his watch band and immediately feels better. I find it hard to believe that someone that stupid could have lived so long.

Chase the Younger orders House to stop messing with his head. House says that Chase's daddy issues are keeping him from doing his job well, and Chase the Younger points out that House is the reason Chase the Elder is even involved. House says that's true, but that he doesn't understand why Chase isn't even curious as to what his dad his doing in town. Chase says that it's probably a conference. House sees that manipulation won't get him the answer he's looking for, so he'll just ask outright: why does Chase hate his dad so much? Shockingly, Chase doesn't want to answer. He asks how House would feel if Chase mucked about in House's personal life, and House says he has already taken care of that problem by not having a personal life for anyone to muck about with. Right, except for the bitterness about the leg and the drug addiction and whatever else we'll be finding out about later in this and future seasons. Chase the Younger leaves to do a biopsy on Gabe's skin lesions, so that he can prove his father wrong.

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