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Right And Wrong

Gabe gets a head CT scan. Cameron enters the booth to discuss Chase's personal crap with him. She doesn't think Chase the Elder is so bad. Chase the Younger says Cameron can go ahead and marry him, then. Older famous doctor is Cameron's type. Showing that she was, at the very least, considering it, Cameron says she'd be a very "lenient" stepmother. Chase is not amused. Cameron tells him to lighten up and give his dad a break unless he's done something unspeakable evil, which for all she knows he has, so BUTT OUT Cameron. I don't even pull this digging into the personal lives shit with my friends, let alone co-workers I barely have a relationship with. Cameron pathetically begs to know what Chase the Elder did to Chase the Younger, and Chase tells her to stop. Cameron says that hate is toxic, because she reads self-help inspirational crap instead of medical texts. "Then stay away," Chase says.

The CT scan shows nothing to prove neurofibromatosis. House points out that the Chases have now been wrong three times, so they both suck as doctors. They try to come up with a new diagnosis, and House asks about those weird random diseases Air Force One took off the internet. They don't fit Gabe's symptoms, but they're both from the same area of the world. Coincidences make House have to pee. He excuses himself from the room.

Of course, he's not actually peeing. Or maybe he did and we just didn't see it. Regardless, he is in Gabe's room manhandling Air Force One's wrist. It still hurts, because Air Force One didn't have carpal tunnel syndrome in the first place. House introduces himself to Gabe, saying that the "little ones" call him "Uncle Greg(g)." I don't think that's true, but I guess we'll see when a midget shows up during Season 6: Scraping the Idea Bucket. House asks Air Force One if he didn't hear about those two Southeast Asian diseases when he was in Asia, as opposed to an online search he may have conducted. Air Force One denies ever being in Asia, and grabs the phone to call Cuddy. House explains to his patient that his father is really pissed off now, because he thought all that money he gave to the hospital would mean they would do an "extra-good job" on his son. Air Force One slams the phone down and screams at House not to talk to his son like that. Timid Mother actually gets to speak, and asks what is going on. House says that if Mom and Dad don't tell him the truth, Gabe will die. So, when did Air Force One go to Asia, where did he go, and how long was he there? Air Force One says he lived in India for two years in some guru's ashram. This is before Gabe was even born, and possibly before Air Force One even met his future ex-wife. He didn't tell anyone because pilgrimages to India are embarrassing. Instead, he told everyone that he was a test pilot, which he wasn't. Sorry, Gabe! House disappears.

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