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Shock And Aww

Back from commercial, House orders a PET scan of Carnell's cervical spine. He's guessing they'll find some radiation-caused tumors there. "It's not gonna be good news," he says.

"It's not good news," Foreman tells Carnell's dad. That piece of metal he gave Carnell was actually a part of an illegally-dumped radioactive device. Carnell has radiation sickness. Taddy got it from carrying Carnell's bag on his lap during the flight to Jamaica. Taddy will be fine; Carnell had a lot more exposure. He'll need a bone marrow transplant (since the radiation destroyed his ability to create white blood cells), and surgery (to take out the tumor inside his spinal cord that was causing the shocks). The surgery is extremely risky because of Carnell's immune system. Without it, the tumor will probably kill Carnell. Dad cries, because it's his fault his son is dying. Foreman tells Dad there was no way he could have known, but I don't think that will ease his guilty conscience. Dad will also need to be treated for exposure. They also might want to run a Geiger counter over his scrap yard.

An older couple enter House's office. It's the Houserents, hooray! Mom is surprisingly sweet and kind, while Dad is played by R. Lee Ermey, which is all you need to know, probably. Mom hugs House while Dad stands back awkwardly. House tells them he can't do dinner tonight because he has a really complicated case. The Houserents don't see why he can't at least have dinner with them in the PPTH cafeteria. "I'll buy you a Reuben!" says Mom. House agrees just as Cameron enters to tell House that Carnell is ready for tumor surgery, and also to butt in. She runs up and introduces herself to the Houserents. Dad says that House has told them all about her. "Really?" Cameron says, sounding so very hopeful. Daddy House has to tell her that he was just making fun of his son, who apparently doesn't tell them much about his employees. Cameron deflates. Mom invites Cameron to dinner but, off House's pained, pleading look, Cameron actually declines. It took forty-nine minutes for Cameron to respect her boss's boundaries, but she did it. Good on her!

A surgeon removes Carnell's tumor as Chase watches. Suddenly, Carnell's pressure drops. He's hemorrhaging.

Remember what I said about Cameron finally learning the importance of butting out and stuff? Forget that: she is now spying on House's dinner from afar. Foreman walks up and tells her that grown children-parent dinner conversations are never interesting. He walks away. Cameron eventually follows.

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