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Shock And Aww

The next day, Cuddy goes to Foreman and voices her disgust that they're treating Carnell for pesticide poisoning they have no proof he's suffering from. Cuddy doesn't know how they'll explain that to the hospital's lawyers. Aw, crap, does that mean Stacy is coming back? Also, Cuddy, you're House's boss. If you're really concerned, why not try acting like it? Foreman and Cuddy enter Carnell's room, where they find the patient looking remarkably better and eating the hell out of his breakfast. Dad thanks them for saving his son. Dad apparently thinks this is a half-hour show, since we're only at the twenty-five-minute mark. Carnell should be taking a turn for the worse any minute now...

House is exceptionally thrilled with himself. Cuddy doesn't think he should celebrate just yet, since the kid is still experiencing shocks, although admittedly less than before (I'll say -- we haven't seen Carnell electrocute himself since that one he did it front of Cameron), and his white count is still really low. Best of all, House says, Carnell has regained the use of his sphincter, which is benefits everyone except Cameron of the Malfunctioning Olfactory Senses. House assures Cuddy that the shocks will stop and that the white count will go up in time. Then he gets a phone call that seems to say different. "I'll be right there," he says.

House enters Carnell's room to find him shaking with chills and suffering from a fever of almost one hundred and six degrees(!!!) Dad wants to know what is wrong with his son. House says he'd be happy to make something up to protect Dad from the truth, like that a drunk driver broke into Carnell's room. Oh, that was funny. But so wrong, House. So wrong. House says the truth is that he has no idea what's going on.

"FEVER" is the newest addition to the whiteboard. Normally, I'd object to the over-dramatic use of all-caps there, but that was one hell of a fever. Cameron thinks Carnell is finally showing signs of the infection that caused his transverse myelitis, but House disagrees: he thinks Carnell's low white count made him especially vulnerable to infection, which PPTH is nothing if not filled with. Chase reports that the kid's sphincter paralysis has returned after going away when he was getting better. House says that Carnell was never getting better, just feeling like it. So the sphincter thing was psychosomatic? He orders the Cottages to give the Carnell a ton of antibiotics, do some tests, and track down Carnell's Jamaica buddies and ask them how they're feeling.

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