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Lord, Have Mercy!

The Martins give the report that Elizabeth Mitchell tested positive for herpetic encephalitis. Yikes. I don't know if Elizabeth Mitchell ever had this bad a day on ER, but maybe she should give that hospital another try. House asks what that tells them, and the answer is that her immune system was severely compromised. Cuddy: "Oh, I know! Prednisone compromises the immune system. Isn't that the medicine that you gave her for that thing she doesn't have?" House: "Yeah, that...hey, I'm thinking that's a trick question." God, get a room, you two! Cameron, surprise surprise, sticks up for House, saying there's no way two doses of prednisone could compromise someone's immune system to that degree. House says he's going to admit he screwed up. He counts ten seconds, and then is all, "So there I was, in the clinic, drunk, I open the drawer, close my eyes, take the first syringe I can find!" Cameron and Chase are laughing, for some reason. Cuddy leaves the room in frustration, and Chase advances the idea that Elizabeth Mitchell has mixed connective-tissue disease. Well, it's nice of them to give someone from the Southern Hemisphere a chance to be wrong. ["His wrongness swirls in the opposite direction from ours, you know." -- Wing Chun] House thinks that that does cover her symptoms, but Foreman points out that the treatment for the disease is cortical steroids, which they can't use because of the encephalitis. House says they need a treatment that won't suppress her immune system -- a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Foreman says there's no protocol for that treatment. House is all, you and your protocols, as if protocols are something that landed in a mall toilet on one of a certain Santa's very bad days. Chase and Cameron leave, and House, facing away from Foreman, bites out, "I am both amused and annoyed by the fact that you think I should be less stubborn that you are." Foreman, unbowed, brings up the Hippocratic Oath, and tells House that the hyperbaric treatment could cause oxygen toxicity, leading to lung and eye damage, and that they should only proceed if they're convinced the patient needs it. House says he's convinced, but obviously Foreman isn't. "The question is, what are you going to do about it?" I don't know, but I have a feeling it's going to be something that makes you a lot less amused that annoyed, House.

Cuddy's on the phone, making what sounds like a tennis date. When someone enters her office, she gets off the phone and asks what's up. It's Foreman, and although he doesn't speak, his "I HATE HOUSE" look makes his intentions pretty clear. I told you that look would be back.

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