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Multiple Diagnosis Disorder

Iris is in the MRI tube. There is the sound of banging. Taub, Chase, and Adams are in the monitoring room and learn that the HIV test was negative. Adams wants to know why Chase got his eyebrows done. He claims to be vain and shallow. Iris is slid out of the tube. Her arms are now sore. And covered in bruises! Still, at least she got out of the MRI tube without going into a coma the way most of their patients do.

Chase suggests that the bruises might have been caused by actual physical trauma. Boring! Park goes with scurvy. House sends Chase and Taub to Iris's house and Park and Adams to the lab.

With that out of the way, Foreman wants to talk to House. Apparently, House vanished for 45 minutes at exactly the time that a local Air Force base (the one he was investigating at the start of the episode) was doing some tests that knocked out the GPS signal. Foreman reminds him that if a stunt like that doesn't work, he'll go back to jail. That doesn't get any more convincing by having characters repeat it over and over again. And House does actually illegal things all the time, so I don't know why I'm supposed to get all exercised about him working on two cases at once. He should work on multiple cases sometimes!

House and Wilson are in the cafeteria. House talks about Mees' lines, so maybe it was heavy metal poisoning. Wilson says that House is addicted to puzzles.

Later, House has lured Emory's anger management group to meet in a different restaurant. He sneaks Emory out the back to where his ex-wife lives. House digs wood out of the patio table while Emory doesn't want to talk about how Drew looked. He eventually goes with "peaceful."

Chase and Taub are in Iris's room. The wallpaper is pink. Taub is familiar with Brazilians and can tell Chase didn't have one because he's not complaining enough. Chase admits that he only had visible bits waxed because he was going to be on television. And it aired two hours before, which is why he's willing to admit it now that no one can watch it. Taub mocks him a bit and plays with the Magic 8-Ball. Chase finds a false drawer in the dresser. There are love letters from Iris's boyfriend. And porn featuring torture, rape, and animals. Kids, here's a helpful tip: if you've got really horrifying porn in your house, take the labels off. Especially if you're already hiding it behind secret false panels. At least make it so nosy doctors can't immediately tell what you're into. Also, probably don't get your porn on DVDs in the first place, but you're probably way ahead of me on that one, what with it being 2011 and all.

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