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Multiple Diagnosis Disorder

House has, for his "clinic hours," Drew's mother, who showed up thinking she was getting a free flu shot. He pokes at her verbally in hopes of proving that she has apathetic hyperthyroidism, but she slaps him for acting like she didn't care about her son. I guess the murder theory is also off the table. She says that Emory got overwhelmed and she left him because he had Drew's eyes. House wants to know who babysat Drew. The answer is her father. "His place or yours?" muses House. She doesn't answer, saying instead that her father is just like Emory when it comes to moving on. House says, "So he has two types of people inside of him" and walks off.

House goes to bother Iris, casually dismissing whatever tests the team was doing. He claims to have found her boyfriend, who ran in front of a car. She says he's lying. He says he's in the E.R. He demands to know how she knows her boyfriend's okay. Her answer: "Because I'm right here, you dick." Multiple Personality Disorder!

Chase announces that it's dissociative identity disorder, which is what MPD is called now. Sorry! [Note: "Damn straight!" -- Buck -- RS.] The point is, Iris appears to have multiple personalities, or "alters." The team all accepts this readily even though none of them, as far as I know, is a psychiatrist. The mother insists that Iris hasn't had any severe trauma that would cause this. There was a car accident when she was two years old, but Iris says she doesn't even remember it. Taub gently explains that she could have gotten pregnant when she didn't know what she was doing. Then Iris finds out about the Diazepam her mother was feeding her. The mother says she just thought Iris was moody.

Chase tells Iris that different alters can have different symptoms, which is the sort of thing that can complicate a diagnosis. The mother accurately points out that there's something wrong with her in addition to the multiple personalities. So they're going to need to use hypnosis!

Wilson tells House that Foreman won't back down. They're both stubborn, and House is the one who will end up in prison. He says it isn't worth it. House tries to process this, and then says "okay." Wilson leaves, because he's the most gullible man in the world. House bounces his ball and clicks his pen and thinks. Think think think! Then he gets up. We next see him at a house lying to someone on the phone about getting a flat on the way to a chiropractor's appointment.

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