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Multiple Diagnosis Disorder

Iris is getting some fluids. Adams tells the mother that she's responding well.

House is outside Foreman's office like a kid waiting for the principal to see him. Inside, Foreman tells Wilson that he thought threatening House with jail would work. He can't back down now. He has to send him back to prison to show his authority. This is the week after Foreman and House worked together to screw Wilson out of boxing tickets. Just thought I'd mention that. Wilson sighs. He tells Foreman his job is keeping the machine running. Cuddy didn't try to control House; she managed him. "She knew better than anyone what a tool he could be." So is he suggesting that Foreman have sex with House? Because that's what it sounds like. Wilson leaves and gives House a grave nod.

Foreman comes out and sits by House. He asks what Cuddy would have done. House claims it would have been ten clinic hours. Foreman says, "Cuddy's not here anymore. You've got thirty." And that's the resolution? Boring!

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