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House races into the bone-marrow death booth and turns the machine off. Everyone is confused. After confirming that Anica hasn't been in the machine long enough for it to have done any real damage, House says that she doesn't have aplastic anemia after all: she has an infection. Her fake Cushing's hid the telltale fever and high white count symptoms. An infection of the Clostridium perfringens, which apparently gives off a sweet smell (better than vaginosis, I guess), explains everything -- except, Chase notes, Anica's low white count. House thinks they should try treating Anica for an infection before they destroy her immune system. Wilson's facial expression indicates that he knows what's going on, but the rest of the Cottages are confused. Foreman asks House why he's all about taking the safe route all of the sudden. Lying badly, House says that maybe Anica decided to inject herself with gout medicine. Foreman finds it very convenient for Anica to have taken the one medicine that would confirm House's diagnosis. He can't believe House would drug Anica without her knwledge, even though Cameron kind of did the same thing. House's defense is that Anica consented to the injection. "She's MENTALLY ILL!" Foreman screams. "But she smells oh-so-sweet," House says.

The group heads off on a field trip to the bone-marrow killing machine. Cameron gets to hold House's cane as he lifts up Anica's shirt to reveal her weird bruises, and explains that the only reason she didn't get sicker like she was supposed to was because Cameron gave her those antibiotics. Anica would like to know what's going on. "Pull my finger," he orders. Stupidly, she does. Instead of farting, though, House makes a small incision in her bruise and takes a nice whiff of her pus. It smells "grapey." The bruises Anica gave herself with her injections have become seriously infected. Either that, or she has aplastic anemia and injected herself with grapes. I wouldn't put it past Anica to do just that. "I love the smell of pus in the morning," House says. "It smells like...victory." A pretty hollow victory, I'd say, considering that you came about this close to killing off an otherwise healthy immune system.

Foreman enters Cuddy's office and says he wants to run the department permanently. Not so fast, Cuddy says: under Foreman's supervision, House managed to inject a patient with colchicine and insulin. Foreman says that he did what he was supposed to do according to Anica's charts, and that Cuddy would have done the same thing. Cuddy says she would have, and that she would have been wrong, too. But House saved Anica's life (eventually, and thanks to Cameron). And they even got her to agree to outpatient mental treatment. It's a pretty good showing for House overall, even though his patient was just a few minutes away from losing her healthy bone marrow and had that hypertensive crisis and probably has frostbite from her snow seizure. Foreman asks Cuddy if she ever really meant to give him House's job. Cuddy cryptically says that Foreman still has two weeks left to prove himself. Disgusted, Foreman says that Anica "should" have died, and that House isn't a hero because she didn't. "He's not Rosa Parks," Foreman declares, as if anyone on this earth suspected that he was. "He's an anarchist." And Cuddy had better nip that in the bud before PPTH's mortality rate goes "through the roof." Foreman's argument is seriously undermined by the fact that House has saved lives of quite a few people who "should have" died, according to God Foreman.

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