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Foreman returns to the office and asks Cameron if Anica is ready for her procedure. Cameron responds that, yes, their mentally ill patient is ready for the risky brain surgery she doesn't need. Foreman rolls his eyes as the phone rings. Chase picks it up and hands it off to House, who then happily hands it off to Foreman. Apparently, Anica can't be operated on at this time. Cameron smiles and asks if this has anything to do with her pee turning orange. The three guys are confused as to how Cameron could have known this. Surely it's not that she's a great doctor. No, it's that she's a great mindfucker, because she left some antibiotics in Anica's room in a bottle that said they were dangerous and seizure-inducing and figured Anica would be a good little Munchausen's victim and take them. And she did. The antibiotics didn't give her a seizure, but they did turn her pee orange. Sweet, Cameron, although I don't know why she couldn't have given Anica something that would have made her pee turn an even cooler and more dramatic color, like neon green. Or alternately red and green, in honor of the upcoming Christmas festivities. Foreman is appalled that Cameron would set up a patient that he spent this whole episode assuming was an alcoholic. Cameron's really damn proud of herself. But there's still half of this episode left, so I'm thinking there's more to the story.

House throws some old paperwork off his desk and opens Anica's file, probably for the first time.

Anica sobs as Cameron starts to remove all her sympathy-garnering IV lines and other medical devices. She was almost happy about the cancer, but being discharged makes Anica sad. Cameron tells Anica, not unkindly, that she needs a different kind of medical help. Anica cruelly shoots back that just because Cameron is bulimic doesn't mean everyone else in this world creates their own medical problems. "I didn't do this to myself!" she insists. Cameron leaves the room. Once she's got a layer of protective glass between her and Anica, she shoots her a superior glare. Then she goes to the bathroom to throw up lunch. I'm kidding!

Back in the office, Foreman says that they'll discharge Anica in a few hours. House disagrees, saying that Anica isn't going anywhere, because he thinks that she has a real medical problem along with the Munchausen's. Foreman thinks House is just trying to save face after being proven wrong by Cameron, of all people. "At the end of the boy who cried 'wolf,' the wolf does come. And he eats the sheep, and the boy, and his parents," House says. "The wolf doesn't eat the parents!" Chase scoffs, this being the only problem he has with how the case has gone so far. House says he has a special version of the story that makes you glad he doesn't have any nieces or nephews to tell it to.

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