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No Pain, No Gain

In Larry's room, Cameron readies the trip while Chase tells Dad that, if it is Hep E, they should see a marked decline in liver function within the hour. Dad snarls at him not to bother explaining the treatment; it's not like he gets a say anyway. Cameron tries to reassure Dad that, if it's not Hep E, they'll start the lupus treatment immediately. Larry: "Ouch!" It becomes clear that Larry is hallucinating bugs, or something, crawling all over him, and the synth ramps up on the soundtrack as Dad tells them to stop the medicine. "We haven't started the medicine," Chase mutters as he and Cameron try to deal with Larry, who eventually stops flailing around all wild-eyed and calms down...then admits that he thinks he wet the bed. Chase tells him not to worry about it, they'll get him cleaned up, but it's not nearly close enough to the end of the episode for that wetness to be anything but blood -- and sure enough, when they go to roll him over, Larry's bleeding rectally, and heavily, and then Larry loses consciousness and his machines go bonkers and we go to the last break.

Shawshank shot of Princeton-Plainsboro, then back to Larry's room, where Dad broods bedside. Cut to House's office, where Foreman, who looks like he doesn't see the point, briefs House: tests reveal upper and lower GI bleeds, "severe hemodynamic compromise," and liver failure. House stares dully into space as Chase adds, "He's also hallucinating, thinks he's being tortured by someone named Jules." Cameron bites out that psychosis is the fourth diagnostic criterion for lupus, which makes it "official." "Who's Jules?" House wants to know, asking if that name showed up in the history, but Cameron is done and shouts that it doesn't matter what Larry's hallucinating, "It matters why -- it's lupus!" "There's no need to get snippy," House tells her, hilariously, then says that this type of lupus takes years to advance as far as Larry's, and "it's been a week." Cameron still isn't hearing it, snapping that a 16-year-old isn't supposed to bleed "from every orifice," either, but Larry's doing just that -- they could have treated it, but they dicked around with Hep E and now it's too late and Larry needs a liver transplant. "We screwed up," Cameron finishes, almost relishing it. House fixes her with a stare: "You're saying I screwed up." Cameron considers backing down, and gulps, but holds the line: "Yes." Why didn't she just say that, then, House asks. "You gonna blame this on her?" Foreman, probably spoiling for a fight, interrupts. House mostly ignores him and asks if Cameron agreed with House's recommendation to treat for Hep E. "No, I didn't," she says firmly, putting her hands on her hips. "And she made herself quite clear," Chase pipes up, but House points out that she still went and lied to Dad, and that's why she's pissed. "Yeah, I trusted you," Cameron says, not getting why he's acting like that's wrong. "You always trust me -- that's a big mistake," House says wearily. Cameron just has no idea what to do with that comment; House refocuses the room by asserting that "lupus is a bad diagnosis," and when Chase sputters that it's the only one they've got, House says that it doesn't make it good. Foreman: "No. It just makes it this kid's only chance to live." House seems put back on his heels by this remark; after a moment, he tells the Housesitters to put Larry on the transplant list, and to ask Cuddy to see about moving Larry closer to the top. House heaves himself out of his chair and crutches off; Chase and Cameron exit left all annoyed body language; Foreman stands in the middle of the shot, deciding whom to follow and looking grim, then adopts a "fine, FINE" mien and stomps determinedly after House.

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