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No Pain, No Gain

Later, Wilson checks a chart in his outerwear. Cuddy, also dressed to go home for the night, emerges and asks how it went. "He admits he's addicted to the narcotics --" and Cuddy eagerly interrupts to talk about how admitting you have a problem blah blah, but Wilson cuts her off: "And he says it's not a problem." Cuddy makes an "uch" face, and Wilson signs the chart, chucks it onto the admitting desk, and snorts, "Maybe it's not, what do I know." "What are you going to do?" she asks. "Nothing, I've done enough damage," Wilson sighs. Cuddy wants to know what House would do if he found out it was Wilson's idea. "He'd never believe it," Wilson says, holding the door for her -- and I wouldn't have either, so, nice twist. If you watch the ep again, and you know it's Wilson behind the bet, you can sort of see it telegraphed in the scene where Wilson is there for no reason, but then, Wilson is there for no real medical reason often enough that it didn't stand out the first time. It holds up, but it isn't too obvious.

Fade to House's office and Joe Cocker's "Feelin' Alright" blasting, then warping out all echoey, as House sits in an easy chair and zones out.

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