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No Pain, No Gain

Not content with that hat trick, Cameron is now quizzing Dad about unexplained bruises and armpit and/or groin tenderness, all indicative of lymphoma. Dad, on the point of tears, says he's not sure Larry would tell him if he had symptoms like that: "I guess I don't really know what's going on in his life." "He's a teenager," Cameron says gently, but Dad isn't comforted, and there's a long pause before Cameron uncomfortably asks what kind of cancer Larry's mom had. "Pancreatic," Dad grits out after another sizeable pause -- weird moment there. Mark Harelik played it really angrily, which makes me think that was shot out of order...? Anyway, Cameron says it's lymphoma they're concerned about, and explains the biopsy...

...which we cut to Wilson performing, and let me take a moment here to say how great Robert Sean Leonard is in this role. I haven't seen as much of him as I'd have liked in the last few years; I know he's done a lot of theater, but it's nice to have him on a series.

So: the biopsy. We get a weirdly long shot of the incision, and then we cut to Larry staring at the ceiling and saying grimly, "I have cancer, don't I?" Wilson is all "oh no no no" and says they're "just testing," and Larry poignants, "That's what they told my mom."

With a Pucci-print close-up of a biopsy slide on the monitor, Wilson says, "Definitely not cancer," and the Mystery Ailment cackles hubristically in the background. And silently, also, as literary devices in recaps tend to do.

House: "Nothing?" The Housudlians: Roger that, boss. Chase starts to explain the negative drug-test results in more detail; pan around to House, already looking a bit peaked, who cuts him off with, "Yeah, I got that from the 'nothing,'" and asks about Larry's hematocrit, which is 13. What does that mean? Dr. Wilson drops some science on us: Larry won't have enough red blood cells to bring oxygen to his brain, and "he'll suffocate with his lungs working perfectly." Yikes. House demi-swoons against a doorjamb, and Foreman is asking if he's okay when Larry calls for help from the next room. The Housepets hustle in to see what's up, and outside in the hall, House snarks about how Larry's got a fair amount of pep given that he's dying or whatever, and Wilson gives him an eyebrow and asks, "How long has it been?" House shoots him a "fuck off" look and says firmly, "I'm fine."

Larry is wigging about something in his eye. Chase has a look-see, but doesn't see anything; CorneaCam tells us different, namely that The Blob has taken up residence in Larry's eyeball, and as we head into commercial, Larry does a little staring-around-wildly-to-indicate-blindness acting and scenery-chews that "it's dark" and he "can't see."

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