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Dr. Webber comes in, furious that his clinical trials were shut down after House sent the pharmaceutical company an email complaining that the drug didn't work and that Webber's math was off. House can't believe that the company even read the email in the first place. Neither can I; you'd think that, in an ironic twist, those pharmaceutical companies' inboxes would be just as full of spam promising to enlarge their "pen1s" as mine usually is, making it difficult to find the emails that are legit. Dr. Webber asks what other revenge schemes he has to look forward to from House: "Break up my marriage?" House consider this briefly, and then decides that he's done enough of that and says that he and Webber are even. How generous of House, after he was the one who cheated in the first place and Webber didn't even really do anything wrong by telling on him. "Thanks for setting me up," House tells Cuddy, who isn't sure whether she wants a hole to appear under her for her to hide in, or a springboard that she can use to launch herself at House to throttle him. She settles for listening to his speech about how the "universe always settles the score." "Does it?" she asks. "No. But it should," House answers.

Adam's dad wonders if Adam will ever be able to forgive him for the ATV. Mom is sure of it, but wonders if Dad will ever be able to forgive himself. Adam opens his eyes and smiles at them both.

House is home. There's a knock on the door. He finishes his drink and heads over to answer it. Who could it be? Wilson? Cameron? Cuddy? Evil Nurse Brenda? A fifth person whose name I will not mention because she needs to be forever gone from this show? No! It's a pretty young woman named Paula. She introduces herself and asks House what he does for a living. He replies that he's "looking for a distraction. You don't need to talk to do that, do you?" She shakes her head "no" and heads inside. House takes a second to look conflicted and then resolved before closing the door in our face. Wow, he's rude to his patients and to his prostitutes! If, that is, you believe Paula is a prostitute. It's left intentionally ambiguous enough for you to let yourself believe she's something much more innocent and wholesome than that. Like a massage therapist. Or a crepes chef.

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