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Meanwhile, Cuddy's paperwork-completing is interrupted by Evil Nurse Brenda, who returns in fine form. Incidentally, I recently discovered that the woman who plays Evil Nurse Brenda lives in my apartment building! At first I was thrilled, but then very sad, since House apparently doesn't pay its recurring guest stars very well at all if my building is the best they can afford. Anyway, it just makes me like Evil Nurse Brenda even more. She informs Cuddy with her own special brand of disdain that they'll be needing an audio/visual set up for the lecture hall. Cuddy is confused; she was not aware that there were any lectures going on in the near future, even though she was the one who sent the memo about it. Cuddy inquires as to the whereabouts of her assistant and is told that "she" (apparently, Cuddy's male assistant is long gone) quit a few days ago, and that the new assistant got lost on her way to work. Cuddy orders Evil Nurse Brenda to fire her whenever she gets in. Evil Nurse Brenda will really enjoy that task.

House injects some stuff into that poor, poor coma patient's IV line and cheerfully studies a sonogram of the guy's brain. Cuddy walks in and demands to know why House forged her signature on the lecture memo, then checks out the sonogram and is amazed to see that Coma Guy is having a migraine (which the ultrasound can detect by showing the increased blood flow from the dilated blood vessels that constitute a migraine). House tells her that this is because he gave the guy some medication that's supposed to prevent migraines, and then shot him up with nitroglycerin to trigger one. The result was a migraine, proving that the migraine medication doesn't work. Cuddy isn't celebrating, though; in fact, she's appalled that House would induce a migraine in another person, even if the guy's in a coma. House calls it a "little headache" and claims that Coma Guy can't "feel pain." Hey, we don't know that; Coma Guy does, but he isn't going to tell anyone anytime soon. With any luck, he will wake up before the end of the series and pay House a visit to get him back for everything House has subjected him to. Cuddy can't get too upset, though, as House tells her that they can discuss the "appropriate discipline" later, and waggles an eyebrow at her in a most charmingly roguish fashion.

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