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Foreman and Chase hook Adam up to the galvanometer while Cameron explains the procedure to Adam's very upset parents. She asks them if Adam has been sick or behaving unusually lately. The parents deny this, along with the possibility that Adam has been doing any amphetamines or cocaine, although they do admit to giving him some pot a year ago in an effort to "take the mystery" out of drugs. Well, that's stupid, but I'll bet Adam didn't mind too much. Dad's effort to take the mystery out of driving an ATV, however, failed miserably.

Wires are tied around Adam's limbs, which are placed in buckets full of water. Then they're ready to fire up the galvanometer, although Chase is too scared to do it and hands the plug off to Foreman. Chase gets less attractive every episode, doesn't he? Foreman manages to plug it in without incident, and the machine springs to life. It works a little bit like a lie detector, with a bunch of styluses writing various types of wave patterns down on a paper. "That's not good," says Foreman, who should probably learn not to say things like that when the patient's family is in earshot. Adam starts flopping around on the table. Adam's mom asks Cameron what's going on and gets a blank stare, followed by a good look at Cameron's back, in response as Cameron runs away.

"Who electrocuted my patient?" House asks, like he cared all that much about the health of PPTH's clientele when he was giving them migraines. Foreman explains that Adam suffered from a seizure that only looked like he was being electrocuted, which gives them another symptom of his illness. House wants to do an MRI to check for MS, but Foreman says that Adam is too sick to be moved for one. House suggests a lumbar puncture instead, and then makes a second effort to leave the room, but Chase calls him back to say that they can't do that either, since the risk of infection is too high given Adam's burns. It looks like there's nothing they can do to get a look at Adam's brain until House comes up with a third way: they can do a sonogram of Adam's head. He knows that this is possible thanks to his experiment with Coma Guy. Well, I'm glad that benefited someone. All they have to do is look for a bunch of reactive neurons in Adam's occipital cortex to know they're on the right track with the MS diagnosis. And Foreman is wearing pink scrubs. How emasculating for him.

Cuddy introduces Dr. Phillip Webber to the lecture hall. She really half-asses it, like, I know this was a bit of a surprise for you, Cuddy, but couldn't you have at least done a Google search on the guy? Or maybe rehearsed your speech once through before you went on stage? "Dr. Webber is at the Webber Center for Pain -- that makes sense -- Dr. Webber, um..." she stutters while the lecture crowd displays mild annoyance at her unpreparedness. All of them, that is, except for one guy, who appears to have stumbled in from his cardboard box house on the street what with his shabby attire and insistence on wearing sunglasses indoors. But wait a minute -- are those Gravedigger logos on his cap? Why yes, yes they are! House is our Corey Hart, and he's quickly joined by Wilson, who never has anything better to do than follow House around like a psychoanalytical puppy dog. Webber thanks Cuddy, deliberately hesitating when saying her name to make a point about her crappy introduction of him, and she rolls her eyes in House's general direction and leaves.

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