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Cameron has yet another theory: maybe Adam just has a simple infection and his brain -- already loaded with all the medications Adam is on, like a waiter with too many dishes -- freaked out and dropped everything. House lectures her on trying to use metaphors when he is the king of them -- even though I think hers, about the waiter, was much better than his about the train station, and he's probably just jealous -- and then goes back to lying on the floor and wanting to die. Foreman says that they may not have time to sit around and wait for Adam's wounds to heal before they're able to test him for a simple infection, and House says that they can try to expedite the process -- with bugs!

Adam gets a tray full of maggots dumped on his chest in a scene right out of Fear Factor. Sitting in for Joe Rogan today is Cameron, who explains to Adam's very displeased parents that maggots eat dead flesh, so they'll be able to get rid of Adam's dead tissue and the bacteria in it. And now it's time for them to drink a milkshake made out of dead wasps and horse testicles.

House continues to suffer in his office. He notices his coffee mug nestled in between his migraine's trademark light spots, and gets up to avail himself of its contents. But before he can get there, a very pissy Wilson enters and takes it away from him, saying that House would be better off with water. People on the forums disagreed with this, saying that the caffeine in coffee actually helps migraines, but since caffeine tends to do exactly the opposite for me and my migraines, I thought Wilson was right here. I guess it all depends on how your own personal body works. ["I'm in the caffeine camp; nothing works as well on my headaches as American Excedrin capsules (with caffeine), including prescription Imitrex, which made me sicker the one time I took it than any migraine in my life ever has." -- Wing Chun] I don't think Wilson was being malicious by withholding the coffee from House here, although his insistence on speaking loudly and rattling the silverware around while getting that glass of water definitely was. He accuses House of going through all of this just to be in pain, since the results of this experiment were either the mental anguish of knowing that Webber's drug worked or the physical pain he's in now, which is totally useless anyway since it's not like Webber's pharmaceutical company is going to dump him because one guy said his drug didn't work, especially since the guy gave himself an artificial migraine and not a natural one. The only reason House did this, Wilson says, was to distract himself from thinking about how he dumped Stacy. Oh, shut up, Wilson. The more airtime this guy gets, the less I like him.

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