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Tenacious G

Giles gets another MRI. Chase and Cameron gossip about whether House will let Foreman out of his fellowship contract. Cameron says she's sure House will, since making Foreman stay would be akin to admitting that he needs Foreman around. And unlike T-Boz, Left Eye, and Chili, House is too proud to beg. Cameron turns back to her computer monitor and lets out an "oh my god" because she just beat her Minesweeper personal best. But will she ever solve the beginner level in less than ten minutes?

Meanwhile, House wants to know whether Foreman thinks Dr. Smiley is a better doctor than House is. Foreman doesn't really feel like feeding House's ego today, so he refuses to answer. House says it's an important question, because Foreman should work for whomever he personally believes is the better doctor. Foreman says it's not just about that; he also has to choose between working for a nice guy or a guy who "mocks and abuses" him. House does not deny the mockery charge, but he argues with the abuse claim. It isn't abuse to hold people responsible for their mistakes. Foreman says that Smiley forgives and moves on. House says that's not true; Smiley didn't forgive anything Foreman did to Giles. He just blamed it on House when, ultimately, it was Foreman's fault because he's the one who gave Giles the immunoglobulin. And while House thinks Foreman's giving Giles the immunoglobulin was "great," and that Foreman should feel great about it, he should also feel like crap because it ended up being the wrong treatment. Smiley, on the other hand, just does his job and figures that, whatever happens, happens. "He sleeps better at night," House says. "He shouldn't."

Chase and Cameron rush in with the MRI. They just found an arterial venous malformation in Giles's spine: that's what was causing the paralysis, not ALS. It didn't show up on any of the previous MRIs because the scar tissue around it blocked it from sight. House's steroids shrank the scar tissue down, making the AVM visible and winning it the Hide and Seek MVP trophy. All they have to do now is remove the AVM and Giles will walk again, not to mention learn a valuable lesson about the importance of seeking a second opinion. Foreman gives House a loving smile. He's not going anywhere.

And now it's time for a cheesy surgery/healing/physical therapy montage, all set to jazz music!

House pops a Vicodin on his way out of work for the day. He's so obsessed with that job that it's still daylight when he leaves. Giles exits a nearby elevator with the help of his shiny new cane. He's being discharged today, and his limp is the only reminder of those two years of unnecessary paralysis. House bets Giles fifty bucks House can race him to the curb. Louis Armstrong comes on the soundtrack as Giles gives House a little present: his trumpet. House is touched, because he doesn't know that Giles dropped it on the floor in the beginning of the episode. Giles's one condition is that House never play it. House smiles. Giles asks how many Vicodins he takes a day, and House's smile fades. "I'm in pain," House answers. "Yeah...aren't we all?" asks Giles. The two limp out of the hospital and talk about the best cane stores. Foreman walks past and House says he'll be seeing "Eric" tomorrow. Dude, I can't believe they didn't bring Brandy back.

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