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Tenacious G

We go to a courthouse, where House has filed to keep Giles on life support. He feels so strongly about it that he even wore a tie. The judge, your typical cranky old guy, is confused as to why the man House is accusing of assaulting is the same man he wants to keep alive against his own wishes. House stands up to explain that the assault was a "medical" tube that saved Giles's life. Judge Curmudgeon orders House to sit down and let his lawyer do the talking. House actually apologizes for being "way out of line" and follows orders. He must feel very, VERY strongly about this. Judge Curmudge gets his facts straight as we see the court audience rudely talking amongst themselves. Wilson is also there, of course, sitting in the very front row. The case is this: if Giles is allowed to die, House's sixth amendment right to face his accuser will have been violated. Judge Curmudge cracks a smile and calls this reasoning "clever." Giles's attorney doesn't agree, and stands up to talk about precedence and other legal things that we don't need to hear, so we cut to Wilson and House having a whispered conversation. "Why are you doing this?" Wilson asks, and surely this attempt at reasoning would have been more effective BEFORE they entered the courtroom. He points out that even if House wins the case, he won't gain anything. House says he will gain time to get a proper diagnosis for Giles, and he really wants to listen to the courtroom action right now, thank you very much.

So we go back to House's lawyer, who is arguing that Giles's thyroid issues might have made him incompetent to make a DNR decision. Judge Curmudge points out that House's own staff was present for the signing and didn't have a problem with it at the time. At this, House can stay polite no longer! "My staff are idiots!" he says. Judge Curmudge orders House to sit down again. House does. Three seconds later, he's standing up and talking again. Judge Curmudge threatens to find House in contempt if he interrupts again. House says he's sorry, but that he has some very important medical issues to discuss with Judge Curmudge that should be addressed as soon as possible. You see, he noticed that the Judge's fingers have signs of "clubbing," which is a symptom of a heart problem. He advises Judge Curmudge to see his doctor as soon as possible, since he could drop dead at any moment. Giles's lawyer asks if they can get back to the case and does some more arguing, but Judge Curmudge is a little distracted.

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