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Court adjourned, House removes his tie as quickly as he can. Wilson congratulates him on winning the case, but says he didn't notice any clubbing on the judge's fingers. House says he didn't, either. You'd think a guy so obsessed with fixing what he believes is a wrong diagnosis wouldn't be so quick to hand one out to someone else.

House limps into the pathology lab, where Chase informs him that the biopsy didn't tell them anything. House immediately orders them to treat Giles for the Wegener's they have no proof he has. He sees this as simply a geographical problem, in that the medicine and the patient are in two different locations. Cameron and Chase, on the other hand, take issue with the ethics, not to mention the fact that they could lose their licenses. I bet they' wish they'd been more supportive of Foreman now.

Apparently, Chase and Cameron read the part of the court records where House called them idiots, because he's all alone when he sneaks into Giles's room with the IV bag. He sets it up, but a guy walks in on him before he can sneak back out. The guy introduces himself as Marty Hamilton and says he and "Greg(g)" should talk outside. Whoops.

House and Hamilton enter House's office. House says he gave Giles medicine for Wegener's. All smiles, Hamilton praises House's medical abilities and says that he already checked Giles for Wegener's and the blood tests were negative. Giles has ALS, Hamilton is going to pull the plug on him, and Giles is going to die. Everyone has accepted that except House. Foreman enters the room and gives Hamilton a warm reception. He apologizes for the whole DNR debacle, but Hamilton says it wasn't Foreman's fault. The two start chatting away about old times until House interrupts to say that no plugs are being pulled because he has a court order. They can't kill the guy who pressed charges against House: "Judge said so." Hamilton, still all smiles, informs House that Giles dropped the charges, making House's court order useless and causing a Rapid Smug Transfer from House to Hamilton. "He doesn't have to die," House says. "[Smirk]," says Hamilton.

It's unplugging time! House and Wilson get to watch from outside the room, while Foreman, Hamilton, and some of Giles's friends hang out around his bed. House says that if Giles does have Wegener's, having the tube pulled will kill him. Giles nods that he's ready to die. Girlfriend/Manager/Whoever whispers that she'll miss Giles, and kisses him on the cheek. Hamilton pulls the tube out, to the great annoyance of House. Manager Lady cries. Giles cries...and then he breathes. "It's not Wegener's," House says. "Wrong again."

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