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Tenacious G

Back at the office, Wilson exposits that Giles is stable, but that his arm is paralyzed. House wonders why he's still alive. Wilson says it's because Giles is stubborn. Foreman says it's because House is stubborn, and that his Wegener's theory was wrong. Cameron says that Giles's continuing paralysis only supports the ALS diagnosis. House says it would, provided that the arm paralysis is connected to Giles's legs. Cameron thinks for a second, and then says that the arm paralysis could have come from a stroke. This earns her a glare of betrayal from Foreman, although I don't know what he expected from her. House orders an angiogram on Giles, which he's apparently free to do now that that pesky restraining order is gone.

Hamilton smilingly leaves Giles's room. The patient is alone. This is exactly what House has been waiting behind a nearby pillar for, although I don't know how he explained that to the nurses. Then again, I don't think this hospital has any staff members besides the ones who appear in the opening credits. Giles is none too pleased to see his latest visitor. House says that Giles should be more grateful to the man who saved his life, even if House was the reason why it was in danger in the first place. Giles points out that his life sucks now, and that it will only suck more. House says that's true, but that he really, really wants to figure out what's wrong with Giles. He's prepared to offer him a deal: if Giles does end up having ALS, House will kill Giles himself. Sound fair? Giles isn't too hopeful, and he doesn't like being someone's lab rat. As far as he sees it, he can't play his trumpet anymore, so life isn't worth living. House says that there's more to life than playing the trumpet. Giles there isn't when it's your "thing," which House should understand since he is similarly obsessed with his work. And that's why both Giles and House are all alone in the world, each too obsessed with his "thing" to get married and start a family. You miss out on everything, but you're great and you're happy. Until it's over. House shows his agreement with Giles's philosophical ramblings by disconnecting him from the ICU room, grabbing the bed, and pushing Giles down the hall to the MRI.

Foreman and Dr. Smiley have lunch and talk about Smiley's recent successes. Smiley asks if Foreman enjoys working with House. Foreman says that "enjoy" isn't quite the word. Smiley asks if Foreman is seeing anyone, to which Foreman says he is, "kinda sorta." Smiley wonders if she would like L.A. It's hot as hell and the air is dirty! Who wouldn't like it?

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