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Tenacious G

Chase and Cameron are looking over the results of Giles's MRI or angiogram or whatever House made him get, when Foreman walks in and announces that Smiley just offered Foreman a job in L.A. He'll be a partner, not a fellow, making three times as much money and getting all kinds of other benefits, like working with a guy who gives a shit what Foreman thinks. On the other hand, he has a commitment to Princeton. He's not sure what to do. Chase and Cameron say they would stay with House; Chase doesn't need the money and Cameron "[doesn't] hate" (i.e. "is in love with") House. Foreman says he can't believe they don't have a problem with what House did to Giles. Chase interrupts the moral grandstanding because he just found the clot that's been causing Giles's arm paralysis. House was right after all, and that kind of takes all the air out of Foreman's argument. So he just says that it wouldn't hurt for House to learn a "little" humility.

Of course, the humility-ignorant man in question is standing right behind him when Foreman says this, and makes his presence known by asking about the MRI results. Cameron says it's a clot, and Chase says they can treat it. "Do it," House says. He takes a minute to flash them his most unhumiliated smile, and walks out.

Foreman gives Giles the news about the clot, adding that the medicine they'll use to treat it could damage his lungs. Giles doesn't want to do anything that could take away his air, and refuses treatment. House runs in and stabs him with a needle filled with the medicine anyway. Okay, he doesn't...this time. Foreman thinks for a second, and then suggests a surgery that will pull the clot out. The surgery will either cure Giles's arm or it will kill him, making it a win-win situation, really. Giles is on board.

Chase and Cameron are suited up and performing the surgery, which Giles gets to be awake and aware for because it involves his brain. Chase will be doing the surgical aspect of the surgery, while Cameron will be asking the patient how he feels and expositing technical details while the Magic School Bus Cam shows us a thin wire snaking through Giles's brain, grabbing the clot, and pulling it free. I bet Chase is good at those grabby-arm arcade games, too. Cameron informs Giles that the surgery is over and successful. Giles is disappointed. He was really hoping he'd be dead by now, goddammit.

Foreman's in House's office, apologizing for the earlier humility remark. House says he doesn't care for apologies. Foreman says he was really rude. Again, House doesn't care. He says that Dr. Smiley's much-lauded humility is fake. Real humility means self-doubt, so it's only important for people who are wrong a lot. Foreman points out that House has been wrong about everything in this case, and then gets all apologetic-looking for stepping out of line like that. But House loves it when he gets as good as he gives, so he just smiles and says that self-doubt doesn't help when you're right. And then his beeper goes off, and they're off.

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