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Tenacious G

House and Foreman walk to Giles's room, where Dr. Smiley congratulates "Greg(g)" on a surgery well done. Giles just woke up and his arm is better. Surprisingly not into giving himself a pat on the back today, House just points out the presence of a phone in Giles's room and asks that the next time they have something to tell him, they use that so he doesn't have to leave his chair. Awkward blocking ensues as House goes out of his way to give Giles a pat on the leg as he leaves. Giles says he just felt that. We go to commercial before House can yell at him for ignoring his previous request about phone communication.

Chase and Cameron follow House into the meeting room. He says that Giles has feeling in his calves, but that they have no idea why.

Meanwhile, Dr. Smiley tells Foreman he's sure it's the experimental ALS drugs he prescribed that caused Giles's condition to improve.

House says that the only way to figure out what's helping Giles is to take him off everything, and then test each medication one at a time and see which one makes him better. It's preferable to keeping him on all the medications, most of which can be toxic if given unnecessarily.

And now, House and Foreman walk down a hallway. House says it's his treatments, not Smiley's, that are making Giles better. Therefore, House will no longer be giving Giles any drugs.

For, like, the third time, the not-giving-the-patient- drugs-that-are-helping-him theory is argued, this time by Wilson as he and House hang out in an empty exam room and watch GH on House's handy-dandy portable TV. Dr. Smiley dashes in and asks if he can "have a word" with "Greg(g)." House asks "Marty" if it can wait for a commercial, since he and "Jimmy" are very invested in the newest sizzlin' summer storyline. Smiley doesn't want to wait. He needs to know what drugs House put Giles on. House won't tell, and if Foreman tells Smiley, House will never let Foreman out of his contract so that he can work in L.A. That's right; House knew about the job offer all along, based on his magical powers of deductive reasoning that Smiley, while a "polite twit," is not an "idiot," unlike everyone else in this episode, according to House. Smiley repeats that he needs to know what House took Giles off of, because he needs to put him back on it.

A few smacks with a metal clipboard confirm that Giles's legs have lost feeling again. House grabs Foreman and they go to work.

House and the Cottages, all reunited again, march down the hallway. House says that there is some good news: Smiley looks bad and House looks good. These things are very important. He puts Giles back on the steroids, potential lung problems they can cause be damned, and orders yet another MRI. Chase and Cameron spring into action, leaving Foreman and House to have a discussion.

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