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We open at a traditional Hasidic Jewish wedding. Sarah Silverman's sister has just gotten married, and it's time to celebrate! Mazeltovs and klezmer music fill the air as two women rush up to congratulate the bride. One Mrs. Silver says Yonatan is a good man from a good family. The bride, Roz, tells her, "I know you chose well for me," and she looks like she means it, so good for her, I guess. I'd rather choose my own husband, but I come from a different background. As far as other people's beliefs go, if they're not hurting anyone else, it's cool. Roz is rushed off to dance with all the ladies while, on the other side of a partition, the men dance together. Both the bride and the groom are lifted up on chairs so they can see each other over the divider and clutch either end of a white cloth. Everyone is happy, which means it's all about to go wrong. Sure enough, Roz looks down to see blood coming from somewhere on her body, and the music goes all scary and she passes out. Don't worry, Yonatan -- I'm sure your bride will soon be safely in the hands of a doctor who respects your religious ideals.

Wilson walks into work, where he finds someone waiting for him. A cane presses the "up" button on the elevator while its owner warns Wilson against "cross-species mating." Wilson says he and "Amber" are doing just fine and he likes being with a "strong, assertive woman." House follows Wilson into the elevator, where House bets Wilson a hundred dollars that he and Amber won't last two months. "We're at four months," Wilson says. House can't believe that Wilson managed to hide the relationship from him for that long. Frankly, I can't either. That's amazing. Go Wilson! House says Wilson likes needy women. Amber isn't needy; she's scary. Wilson says he's just fine with breaking his pattern, seeing as how it's only led to divorce and heartbreak. He welcomes House to interrogate CTB about it, since he knows there's no way to convince him otherwise and CTB can hold her own again House. Plus, I have a feeling she's been sitting at home waiting for this showdown for the past four months. If I were House, I'd watch out.

House heads into his office, where 13 will be named Gertrude this week. Gertrude gives House the rundown of their latest case: thirty-eight-year-old woman with incontinence, bloody urine, and a broken leg thanks to falling off a chair at her wedding. I wonder if the family sent the video into America's Funniest Home Videos. They should; those shows eat that kind of stuff up. House quickly diagnoses Roz with a urinary tract infection and informs the crew that Wilson and CTB are dating. They are shocked -- Taub seems a little disappointed as well -- although Kumar isn't as surprised as the rest, since he actually asked CTB out a month ago and she told him she was seeing someone. Kumar says CTB might be scary, but she also has "legs that go all the way up to Canada." Yeah, that's because she's fifteen feet tall. The Cottages throw out a few diagnoses until House decides that Roz must have poisoned herself to commit suicide. On her wedding day. He figures if she was getting married late in life, she's probably undesirable and marrying a guy who is the same. Clearly, she had nothing to live for. Gertrude would rather go with endometriosis. House tells her to check Roz for that while Taub and Foreman break into her house and look for poison and suicide notes.

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