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House enters, asking about their "mental yentl." Do you think the writers came up with that joke first and then wrote this entire episode around it? I do. Foreman and Biana report that both the MRI and fMRIs are clean. House doesn't really care, since it's time for the real reason he wanted to do an fMRI: to restart Roz's IV. Foreman asks what the point of that is. "Like so many procedures we put patients through, it hurts," House says. And is ultimately unnecessary. This time, House wants to see how the pain shows up in Roz's brain on the fMRI -- specifically to see if it registers as pleasure. Also, "it'll be cool," House says. Foreman agrees to restart the IV but stands his ground that this is not cool.

Foreman goes out to Roz and apologizes before rubbing the IV line in her hand to restart it. Roz groans and starts talking to herself quietly while House watches the pleasure center of her brain light up "like a Hanukah bush." Maybe she's thinking of lending people money at a high interest rate. Test concluded, Biana goes out to Roz to ask if she's okay, but Roz is too busy praying to pay much attention to her, saying she figured she'd better start that up as soon as she heard Foreman apologize, knowing something really not fun was about to happen. Biana tells House that the prayers could explain the brain activity. "Curses! Foiled again!" House cries, twirling his moustache. Foreman helps Roz sit up, only for her BP and heart rate to suddenly drop. She passes out, and Foreman and Biana help her into a wheelchair, at which point her vitals stabilize and she wakes up. House walks out and decides to try that again. They stand Roz up and she crashes. They sit her back down and she wakes up. "Make her do that again!" House says. We cut to a commercial, but you can assume that House then spent the next three days and nights making Roz stand up and sit down for his own personal amusement.

While House peers into the hallway to spy on Wilson, Foreman updates him on Roz's case. There's not much to tell: they started her on some drugs that won't work. Kumar rants that today is like opposite day; when you stand up, your bp and heart rate are supposed to go up, not plummet. House asks for diagnoses, still insisting that altered mental status is one of Roz's symptoms. Even Taub is starting to think differently, as his three-second conversation with Yonatan about marriage has shown him the light. "They have something we don't have," Taub says. Kumar employs a confusing metaphor involving toasters to say that Roz could have an electrical problem in her heart, causing both the low bp when Roz is standing and the altered mental status. Since that fits in with House's worldview best, he tells the Cottages to run an EP study on Roz's heart.

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