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With that, he runs out into the hall to talk to the newly-arrived Wilson. Apparently, Wilson has finally, FINALLY moved out of his hotel room! And, House assumes, into CTB's place. They're moving kind of fast, but, okay. Wilson says he's decided that dating a female House might be a great idea, since Wilson and House "are a couple" anyway. Except that they're one of those couples that never have sex and one spouse is domineering and abusive and the other doesn't know how to leave. Sounds awesome! Wilson says CTB is "exactly" what he needs, and House is too full of self-loathing to see it.

House has a different theory: he thinks that CTB is a needy version of House. Yeah, because House isn't needy at all. Wilson seems to agree with me, based on his sarcastic response. House says he figured out that Wilson and CTB have been dating for four weeks, not four months like Wilson said. Which means that they started dating when CTB was despondent over getting fired. Wilson gets all defensive because House might have a point. Finally, he asks House why he keeps trying to find reasons why Wilson and CTB aren't right for each other. Wilson's guess is jealousy.

While Taub and Kumar do the EP study, Kumar decides to inform all of us -- despite Taub's obvious and hilarious disinterest -- that he used to be a huge science fiction geek. He went to one Star Trek convention and was totally hooked. I call bullshit since Kumar was just talking about Star Wars and you can't be a fan of both. You have to choose! Taub assures Kumar that his newly opened mind about Hasidism won't turn him into one, even though wearing a yarmulke all the time would do wonders for covering his baldness. "I don't think they're crazy anymore," Taub says. "Then they have something to offer," Kumar says. If that's true, I really want to know what Star Trek has to offer. With that, Roz sort of wakes up from her sedative and warns them to stop gossiping, because it's evil. But it makes the workday so much more interesting! Roz's heart looks fine, meaning she must have some rare incurable genetic disease causing the electrical problems instead. Kumar tells Roz this. Her response: "bisexual." The word "sex" perks Kumar's ears right up, and he asks for details, hoping to get some gossip out of Roz while she's out of it. Taub disapproves of this, and Kumar says he's already started turning Hasidic. Because I'm sure it's totally cool in reform Judaism to encourage a drugged-up woman to gossip.

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