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Even though Cuddy acted like she didn't care about Wilson's love life to House, she's now asking Wilson if he's really happy with the vicious and evil CTB. "Excellent disguise, House," Wilson says. Cuddy just can't believe Wilson and CTB are that serious, but Wilson says CTB is pretty and funny, albeit slightly more aggressive than what he's used to. But he's happy and he thinks that's all that matters. It matter a lot more than other people's opinions, I'd say. Cuddy says she's worried because Wilson looks out for others, while CTB only looks out for herself. "Your needs are going to feed her needs until all that's left is a Wilson chalk outline on the floor," Cuddy predicts; "sorry." You know what? Shut up, Cuddy. Wilson says he's happy and he's a big boy who can look out for himself. Mind your own business, jealous Jennifer.

The cortisol seems to be working, as Roz reports that she's feeling a lot better. She tells her husband to go home and get some sleep, but he wants to stay at her side. "You are much better looking than Mrs. Silver led me to expect," Roz opposite-compliments. Yonatan says Mrs. Silver never liked him. How good of her to fix Roz up with someone she doesn't like, then. Mrs. Silver is twisted, you guys. Biana notices that Roz's abdomen is looking swollen. Roz sits up and her vitals crash. Biana yells out for some saline and blood, telling Yonatan that his wife is bleeding internally. Meanwhile, Roz is saying a death prayer. I guess optimism isn't one of those 613 commandments.

Chase makes an appearance to show Roz her MRI, which shows that she's bleeding internally but doesn't show the source, making it totally useless. Chase wants to do exploratory surgery, but he has to admit that even if they do find and fix the leak, it won't cure Roz's mystery disease. Just possibly keep her alive long enough for House to. Roz refuses to have the surgery until after the sun sets. She figures she'll probably die on the table anyway, so she'd like to have one Shabbat with her husband before she does. Yonatan begs Roz to have the surgery as soon as possible, but she won't budge. So much for obeying your husband.

So Chase goes to the meeting room to tell House and company that the patient won't consent to surgery for another eight hours. "Nice work, Chase," House says. Chase asks if he can go now, seeing as he's now been in two scenes in one show, which is just crazy. "We need you," House tells him. Whaaaa? It really is opposite day! House continues to tell Chase off for not getting Roz to consent to the surgery, which was the only reason why he said he needed Chase to stay in the room after all. So, Chase leaves. Taub disagrees with House's assessment that Roz is suicidal, saying she just wants to make sure she has one meaningful experience with her new husband before she dies. Kumar makes fun of Taub's newfound faith, but Taub persists, saying Roz is trying to connect with all of the years she won't have. House points out that if she just let them do the surgery now, she'd get to have those years. With that, Chase pokes his head in the room with an idea of how to get Roz into surgery now rather than later. He even appeals to House's messiah complex by calling him God. See, new Cottages? That's how it's done.

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