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How Wilson Lost A Girlfriend But Gained A Spine

Not only does Lou have to deal with the very painful surgery coming up, but the scope up her ass can't be very comfortable either. Kumar finds the bump and pushes it close to the skin. Foreman sees the small lit bump on the surface of Lou's skin and asks for the scalpel. This can't be a good idea. And they may want to restrain patient and give her a piece of leather to chew on. House leaves PPTH for three seconds and they've already resorted to torture. Fortunately, we don't have to see any of it.

Cameron spots Wilson near a nurse's station and can't resist chatting him up. "I'm gonna miss you," Wilson tells her. "You shouldn't go," Cameron says. I think Wilson's gonna miss Cameron a whole lot less now. She admits that House asked her to talk to Wilson, but says that she also told him to "go to hell." "Thanks," Wilson says, giving her a pat on the back. The pat on the back was premature, as Cameron follows it up with "but I think he's right." She says Wilson might think he's making a rational decision now, but in six months he'll look back and wonder what he was thinking. That said, the pain never goes away. I usually hate it when Cameron brings up her PoorDeadHusband, but I'll give her a pass here because she's never on screen anymore and PoorDeadHusband is actually fitting this time. Wilson says everything in PPTH reminds him of CTB. Cameron says she saw a scarf this morning that was the same color as PoorDeadHusband's eyes, so distance doesn't take away the reminders. Wilson says he has to do something. Cameron says he should, but that won't make it the "right" choice. "There isn't one," she says. Maybe not, but I'll bet there are quite a few wrong ones.

The results are in on Lou's intestinal bump and it's not a ganglioma. Oh, if they put her through all that for nothing, she is going to sue them so hard. But it did help somewhat, as they now know that the bump is caused by amyloidosis. Unfortunately, it doesn't tell them what's causing it. Foreman, Kumar, and Hadley throw out diagnoses, all of which Taub rejects in short order. He thinks this case is impossible to solve without House. Well, you don't have House, so try being constructive, Taub. I hate Hadley, but at least she's trying here.

Foreman goes to Wilson, whose office is now looking all fake-packed, with random boxes on the floor and his wall art wrapped in bubble wrap. Wilson examines the slide of patient's intestinal bump and says lymphoma could be the cause of the amyloidosis. Foreman says there are no palpable lymph nodes. Wilson says that doesn't rule the diagnosis out. Foreman says they'll start patient on chemo, and, on a personal level, he thinks Wilson should leave. House uses Wilson as a sidekick and Cuddy uses him as a House checker-upper. Neither of them have Wilson's best interests at heart. If getting away from PPTH will make Wilson's life easier, Foreman thinks he should go for it. Meanwhile, when Foreman tried to leave PPTH, it only made his life harder.

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