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How Wilson Lost A Girlfriend But Gained A Spine

Oh, great. Hadley gets yet another scene. She takes a seat next to Lou, who's started chemo and says she's feeling better already. Hadley chalks that up to the placebo effect, since it's supposed to take time for the feeling better to happen. Obviously, it's not lymphoma, but let's keep the charade going for now. Hadley apologizes for judging Lou's life and choices. Lou says Hadley might be one of the birds and not a flunkie. Again, I don't think she's spent enough time with Hadley to really know that. Maybe she's just sucking up so Hadley will hire her as her personal assistant. Instead, she gets a Personal Confession about Hadley's Huntington's diagnosis. Hadley says she's got about a dozen years before her mind and body fall apart. "I won't be able to fly. I won't be able to walk. I won't be able to breathe," she says. So her life has to matter now. "I want something to be different because of me," she says. "I am," Lou says. Not only is she going to be healthy, but she's also looking for a job running things instead of assisting the person who runs things. Hadley smiles. They should totally make out right now.

House steals the nurse's TV remote from under Cuddy's nose and makes his way to the doctor's lounge to watch his soap, which begins at four. What soap opera is on at four? Doesn't General Hospital end at four? Perhaps he watches it on the Soap Network. He won't get there without a fight, as Cuddy asks House why he thinks Wilson is leaving. House sticks with his "idiot" response, to which Cuddy says that every time someone does something abnormal, House can explain exactly what's going on in his head to cause it. But not this time. Cuddy was hoping House would say something insensitive that was sort of true to knock some sense into Wilson when she locked them in the room together, but he didn't. "You're afraid to know," she concludes. As for House, he isn't listening to a word she says. His attention is focused on Lou, whose room is across the desk.

He limps into her room and announces that she now looks her age. Her skin has aged ten years in only a few days. Taub chalks that up to the chemo while Hadley insists that Lou's symptoms are clearing up and she was right about the diagnosis and stop trying to blow up her spot. House grabs a large needle and says Lou doesn't have lymphoma. Without even asking permission, he whisks the sheet away from Lou's legs and jabs the needle into one of the many bruises on it while she begs him not to. He ignores her just like he ignored Cuddy. "I thought no meant yes," House shrugs, anti-feminist until the end. House withdraws the needle along with some fluid from the bruise and says it isn't a bruise at all, but a microbacterial lesion. Lou has leprosy, probably contracted when she and her boss went to teach the administrators of that leper colony about sexual harassment. Ha! And Hadley ruled out all tropical illnesses. Fail! The chemo made Lou feel a little better because it killed some of the bacteria. With a pointed look at Hadley, House says it also would have killed her immune system, and therefore, Lou. Hadley almost

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