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How Wilson Lost A Girlfriend But Gained A Spine

Now that Cuddy's given up House's location, he's got all kinds of people nagging him to do stuff, as Foreman enters with a new case via a call from Marg. Marg's Women's Majority organization is somehow so famous that everyone in the room (with the possible exception of Coma Guy) knows who she is and what she represents. It's kind of adorable that the writer thought a feminist could become so famous in this day and age. House adds that since he has a penis, he "metaphorically raped her," which is pretty funny even though rape shouldn't be funny. "You did too," House adds, although I'm not sure if he's talking to Foreman or Cuddy. Foreman says Marg's assistant flipped out and started ripping her clothes off, and House is off and running, saying she must have realized that women are here to service men, not to yell at them for not promoting enough women. This is coming from a guy who only employs attractive young ladies, and only one at a time at that, so take what you will from it. House thinks this is a psychiatric case, but Foreman adds that the assistant has some physical symptoms, like anemia, bradycardia, and abdominal pain. Not to get all sexist here, but I think the assistant just has a nasty case of PMS. Even so, House reaches for the file, only to watch Cuddy snatch it away. She says she's going to assign it to some crumb bum named "Siegel." Who the hell is Siegel? Is there another diagnostician at PPTH? Why would they need one? And how much does his life suck, stuck with all the crappy cases that House doesn't want? I want to know more about this Siegel. But I won't get my wish today, as Cuddy continues that House has "more important things to do" than the job he's paid handsomely to do. I'll bet Marg's assistant would beg to differ. But perhaps Cuddy's hesitation to give the case to House is that she's hoping to avoid the inevitable sexual harassment lawsuit from Marg and co. that would result from House treating the assistant, as illustrated by him accusing Cuddy of having genital warts worthy of a spelunking expedition.

We're in the meeting room, and I'm sad to see that we're still stuck with Kumar, Hadley, and Taub. Not that I don't like them, really. I just miss the original Cottages. Even Cameron! While House tries to discuss the new case with his underlings, Taub stupidly interrupts him to ask if he's talked to Wilson yet. MYOB, Taub. Just because you're House's age doesn't make you his friend. House ignores Taub and continues on, saying their patient flies all over the world and to some very exotic locales that require sexual harassment training for some reason. Hadley says the lack of fever rules out every single tropical disease ever. Kumar goes for the drug diagnosis, saying the assistant could be taking speed to keep up on the grueling work hours. Foreman gets uncharacteristically involved in House's business and asks about Wilson. House ignores him and says the patient's tox screen was clear. Taub suggests that a poor travelers' diet of peanuts and diet soda could have caused a vitamin deficiency. I just want to know which airline is still serving peanuts, and fly on it. Pretzels and party mixes are gross and not at all filling. Bring back the peanuts, I say! Hadley leaps to the working womens' defense and points out that everyone is ascribing the patient's problems to her career. Meanwhile, career woman Hadley has Huntington's. I'm pretty sure you can't get Huntington's from being a woman with a full-time job, but still ... you never know. To her credit, Hadley has a non-work-related diagnosis for the patient: an insulinoma in her pancreas that's making her hypoglycemic. From this statement, House informs the crew that Hadley is "irrationally" defending the patient's career because she, too, has a career that takes up too much of her time and leaves her with not much of a life and wants to think that's okay because she's positive for Huntington's. Dude, House. What the hell? That's not for you to say. Also, how does he even know that? Did she tell them? Why would she do that? I guess she's regretting it now. While Kumar, Foreman and Taub sit there in slack-jawed shock, Hadley just argues for her diagnosis, only to be overruled by House, who wants to shoot the patient full of B12 for the vitamin deficiency we all know she doesn't have.

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