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How Wilson Lost A Girlfriend But Gained A Spine

Kumar, Foreman, and Taub catch up with Hadley at the elevator and immediately start in telling her they're sorry about her Huntington's and stuff. Hadley says she doesn't have Huntington's and House only said she did so they'd stop asking him about Wilson. Ah, nice deflection there, Hadley. Very nice. The guys aren't quite buying it, though.

The patient (her name ends up being Lou, although I never heard anyone call her that for the entire episode) is on the phone working hard when Hadley arrives wheeling a cart full of B12. Lou thinks she was just tired and dehydrated and there's nothing to worry about, because hallucinating an ant invasion and taking your clothes off in front of an office full of men in the middle of a sexual harassment meeting is as minor as a case of the sniffles. Hadley orders Lou to get back in bed for the B12 shot that we all know won't make her any better and will probably make her worse. Hadley injects her and says she's sure Marg will be okay without her for a few days. Lou says she wants to be there because her work with Marg makes her feel like she matters. "Yeah, I mean, without you who knows how much starch they put in her shirts," Hadley snaps. Wow, where did that come from? I guess when women get together, they can't help but be bitchy to each other! Heh, I only said that to piss Marg off. The joke's on Hadley, though, as Lou reacts to her insult by shitting the bed. Oh, wait -- the joke is back on Lou since that's not shit - it's blood. Blood coming out of someone's ass? House is officially back, y'all!

House finally goes to see Wilson. He starts in with an anti-feminism speech, acting like nothing happened. That's not going to work this time, House. Wilson interrupts him to announce that he's resigning from PPTH. "Wow, you're really milking this bereavement thing, aren't you?" House says. Wilson ignores him and says he's writing his resignation letter to Cuddy right now and might even leave New Jersey entirely. House accuses Wilson of making a rash decision as a reaction to CTB's death and says he should remember that "pain fades." "Did yours?" Wilson asks quickly, like he's been waiting two months for a chance to say that. House says his pain is physical, which is different than Wilson's pain. Wilson says he'd rather have his leg chopped off than go through losing CTB. House says that's just because Wilson doesn't know what House endures everyday. Wilson doesn't think House knows enough about losing someone you love to decide which type of pain is worse. Their pain pissing match ends with the entrance of Hadley, who says they need House to help with the patient's rectal bleed. "Get the hell outta here," House orders. I must admit, that was enjoyable to watch, although it's funny how when the subject is Hadley's Huntington's, nothing is sacred and it can be announced to all within earshot in the middle of a workplace. But when House is having a fight with his bestest friend, everyone has to steer clear. Hadley leaves, and House tells Wilson to stop letting his grief control his life, saying his reaction is "textbook." Wilson says that's a textbook he hasn't read before, and he'll be handing his cases over to some oncologist named Dr. Roland now. I wonder if Dr. Roland and Dr. Siegel are friends. Maybe they're like the Bizarro Wilson and House, and Siegel is really nice and both of his legs work while Roland is always saying no to anything Siegel asks of him and never, ever lets Siegel get away with stealing his lunch. Not like Siegel would ever try such a thing.

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