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How Wilson Lost A Girlfriend But Gained A Spine

Taub's trying to look up Lou's ass for bleeds while Hadley insists upon distracting him by complaining about how House should have taken time out of talking to Wilson to do this. Taub doesn't see how this really needs House's expertise. "Our patient may be dying!" Hadley says. Um ... I hope Lou didn't just hear that. Hadley points out that when it comes to dealing with personal issues, only House gets any slack. Taub reminds her that House is the boss. And a hypocrite. With that, Taub has finished the endoscopy and found no bleeds. Clearly he sucks at this job and House should have pulled himself away from Wilson to do it himself. Hadley was right!

Taub and Hadley go to Foreman with their non-results. He says they'll have to wait for the CT scan results, but Kumar walks up and says they don't need to: one of the patient's pre-screening blood tests came back positive, and it explains all of her symptoms, not to mention gives Hadley hope that one can have a life beyond her busy career.

Lou takes the news of her pregnancy well enough. Apparently, she's been having a lot of sex lately and has no idea who the father is. This sounds like a job for Maury Povich! Kumar is surprised to hear that it's been two or three months since the last time patient had sex, since the ultrasound shows no sign of a baby. Maybe it's invisible? That would be a cool twist. As for Lou, she looks like she's starting to lose faith in her crack team of doctors who can't find ass bleeds, babies, or their boss.

House is allowing the Cottages to talk to him again, although he spends most of the time ignoring them and staring out the window at the balcony that may soon belong to a doctor who isn't Wilson while they shoot around possible causes of two positive pregnancy tests with no actual pregnancy. Invisible baby. I'm just saying. Foreman tries to pull House back into the thick of things. He dismisses a few diagnoses before taking off.

He marches into Wilson's office and says Wilson is going to ruin his career for the sake of a dead woman he's going to get over as soon as he meets the next girl he falls in love with. Ouch. Wilson says he needs a flowchart to map out all the wrong things House just said. For real. Fortunately for Wilson, I have made him just the flowchart. I totally put it up on my blog so everyone can see it. House tries to save face by pointing out all the stuff he did to try to save CTB and how he put his own life in danger to do so, but Wilson doesn't have much sympathy to spare. The Cottages stop by to try to steer House back to their patient and give Wilson their regards. House announces that Wilson is quitting. Hadley reacts to the news with an odd lurch forward (could it be ... HUNTINGTON'S? And so I begin Huntington's Symptoms Watch 2008) and starts making apologies for interrupting at a "terrible time," although House did say last time he was in Wilson's office that he didn't want to be disturbed, so maybe someone could have gotten the hint and these apologies wouldn't be necessary. Taub just wants to know why Wilson is leaving, as if it's any of his business. Then again, Taub probably just thinks Wilson has to quit because he got caught having sex with someone at PPTH, as that's the only grounds for dismissal Taub is familiar with.

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