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How Wilson Lost A Girlfriend But Gained A Spine

Hadley returns to Lou's room with the fetus-killing surgery consent forms. Hadley tries to cushion the blow, but there's no need. Lou has no qualms about removing the fetus. She's all ready to sign the papers and everything. Wow, you really called that one, Hadster.

House heads down to the ER to hang out with a female Cottage with a normal lifespan. He makes fun of Cameron's patient for being fat before asking her if she's talked to Wilson lately. She already knows where this is going, and says House can't make her try to convince Wilson to stay at PPTH. "I am not your errand girl. Best thing about leaving you," she says. Bullshit, Cameron. You loved running errands for House. That's why you always volunteered yourself to open his mail and stuff. When the patient asks if he's listening in on an ex-lovers' quarrel, he's made fun of for being fat again. Cameron pulls House aside and tries to explain to him that grief is different for people. House may not be able to feel it, but other people do. House reminds Cameron that she knows what it's like to lose a loved one, so she's the perfect candidate to talk to Wilson about how to deal with it. Oops! It turns out that Cameron dealt with it by moving and getting a new job. Time for Plan C, House.

And now we get to see Chase. He's doing Lou's surgery, but it's not going well, probably because this is a very intense and complicated surgery and Chase is kind of a jack-of-all-trades surgeon. And he's got the Cottages assisting him, and all they know how to do is tell Chase that his patient is dying until he snaps at them to shut up. There's some kind of bleeding problem, but it's soon resolved and Chase removes the fetus. Hadley can't bear to watch and we don't have to unless you really want to squint and try to make it out in the reflection of Chase's safety glasses.

Plan C stands for Cuddy, as House's next stop is her office to order her to stop Wilson from quitting by making it impossible for him to find a new job. Cuddy refuses and tells House to try talking to Wilson, but he says Wilson keeps kicking him out for some reason. Cuddy thinks that reason is that every time House opens his mouth around Wilson, something incredibly insensitive and downright cruel comes out. Cuddy suggests that House try apologizing to Wilson instead. "I didn't kill her," House says. Cuddy says House didn't exactly help things, either: "she was on the bus because of you." House says he didn't tell her to get on the bus, and he wasn't driving the bus or the garbage truck that hit it. And he didn't prescribe the flu meds that ultimately killed her. "You really don't feel any sense of guilt?" Cuddy asks, looking at House pityingly. Apparently he doesn't, so Cuddy gives up and tells House that if he wants Wilson to stay, he should tell him he feels like crap about what happened. House says if he said that to Wilson, it would be meaningless. "Find some meaning," she says; "do something."

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