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How Wilson Lost A Girlfriend But Gained A Spine

The fetus is out, but since we aren't even a half hour into the show, Lou isn't any better. Her heart rate is still low and now she can't stop blinking. Oh, hold on - her heart rate just went down to zero. Well, at least it's consistent now. Foreman orders Taub to page House.

House ignores the page because he's talking to Wilson. He asks Wilson if saying he was sorry -- and Wilson believing that -- would change his mind about leaving PPTH. Wilson can't imagine such a fantastical scenario so he can't answer that question. House doesn't want to try apologizing to find out, so instead he goes with Plan D: acting like a freaking baby and refusing to work until Wilson withdraws his resignation, even if that means killing his patient. Wilson says House is holding a gun up to his own head. House says he's sure Wilson's conscience will come through before his does. He'd put a patient's life in jeopardy to keep Wilson at PPTH. Also, because "your friendship matters more to me than this patient." And it kills him to admit it. Wilson says he's going to do what's right for him, and House can do what's right for him. House says that comes more easily to him than it does to Wilson, and he's going to show just how good of a friend he is by exploiting it. House leaves his phone on Wilson's desk. No doubt he's got the ringer set to heartbeats à la "The Tell-Tale Heart."

The Cottages try to save Lou except for Taub, who annoyingly keeps asking where House is. The answer is walking out the door.

After the break, the Cottages have managed to stabilize Lou without House's help and Cuddy has taken over in the meeting room. The Cottages have no idea what's wrong with Lou and think they need House to save her. "I have complete confidence in you guys," Cuddy says, looking not at all confident. Maybe it's time to call in Siegel? She leaves, and Hadley says they can save the patient without House. Yeah, that's the spirit! Go for it! They shoot around diagnoses, wondering if something happened to patient during the surgery to cause her current problems. Hadley takes a liking to MS, but Taub points out that it doesn't explain the B12 deficiency or the ectopic pregnancy. He wants to keep going until they find something that explains all of Lou's symptoms. Hadley says House isn't here, and neither are those symptoms. MS explains all the symptoms Lou has right now. Foreman gives the order to start patient on interferon, which totally pisses Taub off. Fortunately the scene ends before he can whine about it.

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