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How Wilson Lost A Girlfriend But Gained A Spine

The TV in the doctor's lounge is currently set to the surgery channel, as the Cottages have gathered round it to watch footage of Lou's surgery in the hopes of seeing something that went wrong. Hadley thinks some bacteria got into Lou during the surgery and the infection has spread into her brain, causing all of her post-surgery problems. Taub finally snaps and says they should talk about Hadley and her stupid Huntington's. He thinks she's desperate to cure Lou without House to prove something. Meanwhile, Kumar is actually paying attention and just saw something on the tape. It's a bump on her intestines. Taub thinks it's a simple hematoma. Kumar says it could be something else. Foreman agrees that it could be a ganglioma. They'll have to open Lou up again and get a piece of intestinal bump to find out.

Wilson and House are sitting on Cuddy's couch, sulky and rebellious. Cuddy has taken a seat in another chair and is playing therapist. Neither seems particularly happy to talk, but finally House says he thinks Wilson is an idiot for leaving PPTH. Cuddy says House is wrong to emotionally blackmail Wilson. Wilson says Cuddy is saying this in front of him to prove she's on his side. "Go to hell," Cuddy snaps at him, which isn't exactly helpful. I'm not expert in couples therapy, but I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to tell your patients to go to hell. Cuddy's tone softens slightly and she starts saying she's sorry for Wilson's loss. At the mention of CTB's name, Wilson has had enough and starts to stand. Cuddy continues that running away from the people who care about him isn't going to make Wilson feel better and she doubts that CTB would have wanted him to leave. Wilson quite correctly points out that no one at PPTH even liked CTB, so how dare they speak for or even about her. He leaves, and House quickly follows suit.

Chase is very annoyed that he's being asked to perform a second surgery on a patient who almost died the first time around. Well, maybe if you hadn't almost killed her the first time she wouldn't need another, Chase. Foreman says they need a piece of the possible ganglioma on Lou's intestines, to which Chase insists that she doesn't have a ganglioma. Foreman implies that Chase missed it the first time around. Chase says that's impossible. He never misses anything. Oh, except for that one time. The point is moot since Lou is too weak for another round of general anesthesia, let alone the third round she'd need for yet another surgery if there was in fact a ganglioma. Hadley states that Chase would do the surgery if House asked. Chase says he would. Hadley sticks out her lower lip and stomps her feet and whines that if they just stand around with no ganglioma surgery, the patient will die. Chase tells them to stop standing around, then. Why don't they just go to another surgeon? Then again, perhaps PPTH only has one surgeon, which explains why he does all kinds of complicated surgeries on various parts of the body that you'd think would need a surgeon with specialized training.

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