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On their way back to the office, Hadley is pissed. "You had no right -- " she starts. Taub says he was just trying to convince Sophia to do the right thing and save her own life. The story he told her was true, even if wasn't his story. "It's my life!" Hadley says. "It's her life," Taub reminds her. Oh, snap! Taub just called Hadley out for being self-absorbed. He says Hadley should have said the Huntington's thing first, but instead she listed off DNA facts and urged Sophia to go to the police. "Everything's by the book. Nothing's ever personal!" he accuses. That's because Hadley's not a person. She has no depth. Her character doesn't feel real to me at all. Nor does Taub or Kumar, really, but that's only because I haven't seen enough of them. Meanwhile, House is pissed because their arguing has woken him up from his nap. Taub says the biopsy was positive. Hadley says they should track down Sophia's parents, whether she wants them to or not. She's a child, and she can't make decisions for herself. "Guess I'm the only one who cares about patient rights," House says, making a sad face. Hee hee. He says their job is to diagnose. If the patient wants to be an idiot after they've done that, it's her right. He's going home. Hadley gets angry that House is more concerned about getting his answer than saving his patient. Is she surprised? What has he ever done to make her think he was anything different? She marches off to find a child rapist. Try Myspace, Hadley. There seem to be a lot of them on there.

Instead of trying to diagnose his patient, Foreman is venting to Chase and Cameron in the cafeteria. Cameron says she's not surprised that House is refusing to help. Foreman pushed him by taking a secret case, so now he's pushing right back. Foreman decides to actually give his case a try and asks what he's missing. Chase says the mother could be poisoning her son for attention. Foreman thinks Evan would have noticed something if that was the case. Yes, because most eight-year-olds are keenly observant of their mothers to make sure they aren't trying to kill their younger sibling. Please. Chase suspects the brother, then. I do, too! He's a little too concerned and cares too much. Foreman doesn't think so, saying Evan isn't jealous of his little brother. In fact, he looks out for him all the time. And that gives Foreman an idea. He takes off. "Think we gave him an idea?" Chase asks. "Either that or he's off to kill House," Cameron says. She's always got House on the brain, doesn't she?

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