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House comes to work to find the Cottages waiting for him in the lobby. They've found a partial match on the donor list, but it's not a very good one. Still, Kumar says, a partial match is better than nothing at this point. Hadley wants to wait for a better match to turn up. House gets in the elevator and tells them to figure it out and let him know. He's very annoyed when all three Cottages get in the elevator with him. House tells them to tell Nophia to get over her emotional reaction and start thinking rationally, but Hadley points out that Nophia has actually been very rational. In fact, her first response to the news that they'd need her parents' bone marrow or else she'd die was that she didn't want to give them satisfaction of saving her life. House finds that odd. Nophia should have had an immediate emotional reaction, but she went directly to a rational one. "You're saying she's lying about being raped?" Taub asks. Oh, Kumar called it! And after Hadley complained that he was too trusting, too! House points out that Nophia has a track record. Hadley refuses to believe it, saying Nophia only lied about one trauma to cover up an even worse one. "So ... what's worse than rape?" House asks. Guess we're going to find out!

House heads right to Nophia's room and introduces himself. "What did you do?" he asks. He knows she wasn't raped. Nophia says he can believe whatever she wants. House will do just that. He asks Nophia why she doesn't want people to feel sorry for her. "I don't want pity," she says. That's why she developed the website I hear it's really taking off! House keeps going, saying Nophia is determined that people to see her as an independent, well-adjusted woman so they won't see that she's a lost little girl. Because Nophia doesn't think she's a lost little girl. She thinks she's someone who did something terrible, House says, leaning over her. "What did you do?" he asks again, this time leaning in and being all intense. But Nophia still won't say. She does say that her parents won't care that she's dead. House gets angry and says she's being an idiot who would rather die than face her parents because she feels guilty about something that's probably inconsequential. "I killed their son," Nophia finally admits. Okay, so, that's not inconsequential. But she didn't do it on purpose. She was supposed to watch him while he was in the bath and apparently she didn't do such a good job. And now she thinks that every time her parents look at her it's like she's killed him again. This is a let down. I really thought whatever she did was going to tie into the fact that she somehow became a factory supervisor at the age of 16. I didn't know what or how, but her job was so random and impossible that I thought it must have tied into her case somehow and I've been waiting for an hour and not making fun of the fact that it's ridiculous that a factory would hire an emancipated minor (with fake papers!) to supervise people more than twice her age and who have been working there for longer than she's even been alive because I thought it must come into play later on. But it doesn't. It turns out that that factory just makes insane hiring decisions. No wonder that worker in the beginning was so bitter.

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