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House actually looks sympathetic. He takes a seat by Nophia's bed and thinks for a minute before saying that if Nophia doesn't take her parents' bone marrow, then she'll have managed to kill both of their kids. And that will make them truly hate her. Good point. "I don't care," Nophia says. "Sure you do," House says. He's not going to tell her that what happened wasn't "that bad," because it was. But is it worse than raping your own daughter? I mean, what Nophia did was an accident. You can't rape someone accidentally. Well, I guess you could if you were walking around naked with an erection and then you tripped and fell and landed in a naked woman, but that would require a very unlikely set of circumstances. I guess Nophia feels worse knowing what she did than she thinks she would feel if that was done to her. House says Nophia can't change what happened to her brother, but she can do something to make it "not worse." He hands her his phone. Hopefully he won't get a call from the Cottages and "Mmmbop" will go off, there by ruining this rare and nice moment of House being a human being.

Kumar leads Nophia's parents into PPTH, looking so jealous that they're alive and his parents aren't.

A healthy Jonah leaves PPTH with her brother. Mom gives Foreman a big hug. And Jonah holds Evan's hand. Now Evan doesn't have to emancipate himself and work in a factory!

Nophia's parents see their daughter for the first time in a long time. I don't know if they hated her because of her brother or she just thought they did. But they're glad to see her now, and come to her bedside. Everyone starts crying. And all the parents in this episode learned a valuable lesson about watching their own kids and not leaving babysitting duties up to the older sibling.

Foreman walks into House's office. House exposits that Nophia's bone marrow transplant went through, so presumably she'll be just fine physically. Foreman doesn't care about Nophia. He says he wants to do clinical trials, and he's now proven that he can work two cases at the same time. Except not really, since he didn't do much of anything on Nophia's case and Jonah almost died from a simple iron overdose. But whatever. "I can do this. And I'm doing it," he says. "Okay," House says. Foreman asks what made House change his mind. "Three days ago, you asked me. Now you told me. I can't say no if it's not a question," he says, and leaves. Foreman should have known better. House never asks for permission, because the answer will be no. That's what he expects from everyone else, too.

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