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House steps in the elevator. Wilson jumps in with him. There's an awkward pause, and then Wilson says House did a "nice thing" for Foreman. House says that "nice thing" almost killed a four-year-old. Wilson doesn't think so. He says House knew Foreman would figure it out once he knew he absolutely had to. "Did I?" House asks. I think he did. "You just needed to prove it to him. You're an ass. But a noble one," Wilson says. Well, three seasons ago I would have agreed with this. Two seasons ago and last season, I would not have. It's good to see that side of House come back again. House says that Wilson's game didn't work. I still don't really know what Wilson's game was or if he's actually playing a game or just doesn't want to deal with the House/Cuddy landmine. House and Wilson see Cuddy across the lobby in the Clinic. "Wanna talk about her?" Wilson offers. "Nope," House says. He casts one last glance at her, but that's it. He leaves with Wilson.

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