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While House looks at the bong longingly, Kumar says that it isn't relevant to the case anymore since Sophia's heart is fine. House is stuck on the fact that Foreman wasn't present at the echo, and says that just because it showed that Sophia's heart is fine structurally doesn't rule out every single drug-related heart problem. Hadley says that an irregular heartbeat could have caused the pulmonary edema, but Kumar thinks vasculitis makes more sense, because he has no problem showing everyone just how personally involved he is in this case. Taub counters that Sophia's bloodwork doesn't show any signs of vasculitis, and she'd be too weak to work in a factory if she had it. Enh, I don't know about that. All I've seen Sophia do in that factory is walk around being sassy. Not much heavy lifting there. Kumar says that if Sophia can build her own furniture, then she's not going to shy away from her job because she's not feeling well. But that's just it, Kumar. If Sophia is feeling well enough to build her own furniture, then she doesn't have vasculitis. Nevertheless, he wants to put Sophia on steroids. House says no, since if it's not vasculitis, the steroids will make Sophia's irregular heartbeat even worse. Instead, he orders Foreman to start Sophia on beta blockers and the rest to do anything but that. As soon as House is out of the room, Foreman tells the Cottages to do his job for him.

You know Taub and Hadley aren't covering for Foreman, so it's Kumar who gets the treatment ready, happy to have more time with his fellow orphan. Sophia's a clever girl, and figures out that they're treating her for a drug-related heart problem even though she said she doesn't do drugs and that echo said her heart was fine. Kumar reveals that they broke into her apartment and found a bong. Sophia maintains that the bong is her ex-boyfriend's, and is why she's no longer with him. And yet ... he left his precious pot smoking device behind? Doubt it! Those things are pretty hard to lose track of, even for potheads. Kumar decides that his personal connection with Sophia is worth putting his job in jeopardy, and says there's another possible diagnosis with a different treatment, but if he gives her that and she was lying about not using drugs, then she could die. Sophia looks him in the eye and swears that she's drug-free. Kumar goes for the steroids.

And where is Foreman? Down in the Clinic, for a welcome change. I really miss the Clinic. Cuddy's there, too, and ready to pounce when she sees Foreman there since she has every single PPTH doctor's Clinic hours schedule memorized and knows that Foreman's not supposed to be there. Foreman says that's exactly why he's there -- because House doesn't want him to be. Cuddy knows about Foreman's clinical trial thing and guesses that House said no to Foreman's request. Foreman says that House said no because he wanted to and not because he needs Foreman, which doesn't surprise Cuddy one little bit. It shouldn't surprise Foreman, either. She's not willing to help Foreman out by ordering House to let him do the trials (because she knows she can't order House to do anything, although now that he's all awkward around her this might be the one time that he'll do what she tells him to), but she will give him a case file that she says will help Foreman prove to himself and House that he is able to be a Cottage and do other things on the side.

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