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The patient is a small child. A less small child, his older brother Evan, informs us that the kid is puking up blood. He's got a stomachache, too, and has for four days according to his worried mother. She doesn't have much to say, but Evan orders Foreman to make his little brother better.

Guess who isn't better? That's right -- Sophia. She's all sweaty and delusional. Kumar and Taub run in and tag team her, with Kumar tackling her onto the bed while Taub shoots her up with the handy nearby sedative. Taub is confused, saying that beta blockers don't cause psychotic breaks like this. Kumar has to admit that Sophia isn't actually on beta blockers. Busted!

After the break, Sophia is tied to her bed and Foreman is getting the blame for this because he didn't administer the beta blockers as House ordered him to. Instead he gave the job to Kumar, who gave Sophia steroids, which caused her little outburst. Whoa, did Sophia get 'roid rage? That's cool. Actually, no, as Kumar says there's no way Sophia was on the steroids for long enough for them to be the cause. The delirium is a new symptom, and it rules out vasculitis. Kumar is quick to point out that it rules out the heart problem, too. And yet, Foreman's next diagnosis is heart-related, which thoroughly annoys House. But Foreman counters that it could have caused an artery in Sophia's brain to spasm (nice job letting Foreman the neurologist make the brain-related diagnosis, writers!), causing both the delirium and the pulmonary edema. The Cottages turn back to House for his argument, but there isn't one. He tells Foreman to run an fMRI and says in no uncertain terms that it had better be Foreman doing it this time. Then House unwisely takes off, so Foreman tells the Cottages to do all the work setting up the fMRI while he does his own thing. He'll come back for the actual procedure.

In the meantime, he's going to shove a camera down his other patient's throat to see what's doing in his digestive system. This time, the camera comes in handy pill form. Little Jonah refuses to do swallow it, so Foreman makes the kid feel perfectly at ease by telling him that if he doesn't swallow the camera willingly, they'll make him swallow it. Fortunately, big brother Evan is there to lie to the kid that the camera is a "power pill" like a vitamin that will make him big and strong. Jonah swallows the camera, and Foreman is charmed by Evan, saying he used to be mean to his brother when he was Evan's age. Well, yeah, but probably not if he was dying in the hospital. That tends to trump sibling rivalry. Suddenly, Jonah starts giggling uncontrollably. "What's happening?" Mom asks. "I dunno," Foreman says. Well, that should make everyone feel confident in his skills as a doctor.

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