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And now it's time for our three seconds with Cameron and Chase. Today they're getting some rank pizza from the cafeteria when Foreman asks them if they're getting along, which Cameron immediately realizes is because he's worried that if they're in a fight they'll be too distracted to give him the help he needs. Cameron and Chase agree that this is insulting, and Foreman is so jealous of their seemingly functional relationship. He shoves Jonah's file in between them and asks for a differential on uncontrollable giggling. Chase's diagnosis is that the kid is four years old. Cameron's is that Foreman has "three other doctors and a grouchy gimp" (way harsh, Cameron! I guess she's still mad at him for interfering in her relationship last week?) to run these things by. Foreman says this isn't House's case. Chase and Cameron agree to take a look at it, but Chase reminds Foreman that whatever he's using this case to prove to House, it won't be enough. Foreman can't stick around, though, as he's paged to the fMRI.

It's already in progress by the time he arrives, and Kumar's passing the time by chatting with Sophia about local foster homes. He says most foster parents are good, well-meaning people. Well, Sophia's already got her GED and emancipation papers, so that ship has sailed, Kumar. Stop trying to sell her on the foster parents. Foreman's not seeing any spasms on the fMRI monitor, but Kumar sees something odd and asks Sophia how she found out that her parents were dead. Sophia says a state trooper came to her door, and Kumar presses on, asking her for more details. Foreman notices whatever's caught Kumar's eye now, and they both exit the booth to talk to Sophia. Kumar explains that the fMRI showed that she was using the limbic region of her brain when she was answering his questions -- and that's the region of the brain that houses the imagination. Which means that Sophia was lying. Well, well, well -- it would appear that it's the fMRI that's the polar opposite of the MRI (of DOOOM!!) and not the CT scan after all. The fMRI is good and honest and true, and it'll sell your ass out if you aren't the same. The MRI (of DOOOM!!) just makes your ass bleed. Kumar is pissed, saying he put his job for her because he trusted her. I guess he's learned his lesson about that now. Sophia says that she wasn't lying about doing drugs, and only claimed that her parents were dead because the truth is that her dad raped her and her mom refused to believe her. Well, that's a conversation-ender.

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