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Back from break, Kumar tells the meeting room that the fMRI was negative for Foreman's diagnosis but positive for the fact that Sophia is a liar. It also means that Kumar is no longer personally involved in the patient. He was only using her for her orphan-ness. Now that Sophia's problem is more unique to women, the personal connection shifts to Hadley. It always does eventually. House gets right down to business, and Hadley gets all bent out of shape that he didn't stop to observe a moment of silence for Sophia's rough childhood first. Taub suggests that Sophia got an STD from her dad. Kumar suggests that Sophia is lying about the rape, too. Hadley loves Sophia now, and defends her lying by saying it's better to have dead parents than rapist parents. "You find that unsympathetic?" she demands. What's her problem? Kumar put a lot on the line for Sophia, and she lied to him and he feels like a chump. House says Sophia's life is a mess, and asks what rhymes with that. Um ... chess? Did she play too much chess? Can you get sick from that? Oh, no -- it's stress. House says severe stress could cause Sophia's symptoms, because the human brain is so freaking amazing/evil that it mental problems can have physical manifestations. Hadley says that in this case, if House is wrong the treatment is just some simple anti-anxiety meds, so they might as well give it a whirl. House orders Hadley to shoot Sophia up with diazepam (Valium? That's a simple anti-anxiety med?) and Foreman to watch her. And Hadley to watch that Foreman is watching her. But ... if she's watching Foreman, how can she see to shoot Sophia up? He'll have to, like, sit on Sophia's lap or something so Hadley can watch them both at the same time.

This gives House a chance to finally talk to Wilson, who's busy trying to scrub in for one of those surgeries that oncologists apparently do. He says he went to Cuddy's house, but left without going to her door. "Huh," Wilson says, non-committal. House assumes that Wilson is processing the information in order to give him some advice, but Wilson says this huh is simply for acknowledgement purposes, and could be easily replaced with "ha" or "hmm." When Wilson says things like that, he reminds me of Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Not that I ever watched that show because I'm cool, okay? House clearly wants to be told what to do next, which is why Wilson's not giving it to him. "I can't tell you what's right for you," Wilson says. Ha! And that's not an acknowledgement ha, that's a "yeah, right!" ha. House points out that Wilson's never had a problem telling him what to do before. Wilson asks House if he wants him to tell him what to do. House would never admit to this, so he just says that acting inscrutable makes Wilson annoying. "Interesting ... " Wilson says, heading into the OR. "Holding things in can give you cancer!" House shouts after him. "A little late for the cancer prevention tips, but thanks anyway!" replies the OR patient.

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