Euphoria, Part I

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Staff Infection

After the commercial, House and Chase have a pow-wow with Foreman. Chase tells Foreman that he doesn't have SSPE, because they are now apparently testing Foreman for everything they've ever diagnosed on this show. I'll bet vasculitis got tested for, like, five hundred times. Their conversation is interrupted by the agonized screams of poor Joe. Foreman begs them to do something to make him stop, and House changes the subject to Cameron, who seems to have disappeared. Chase says that Cameron told him she "had some stuff to do" and took the day off. Notice how Cameron didn't go to House with this shitty excuse, knowing that he wouldn't believe it for one second. House doesn't seem to believe it now.

Cameron cuts through the tape blocking Joe's apartment door from the outside world. Boy, I'll bet Joe's neighbors are feeling pretty scared right now, huh? They'll be especially displeased to see that someone has sliced through the sheet of plastic that was supposed to be protecting them from catching Joe's illness. Cameron and her HAZMAT suit (apparently for outdoors use, they wear blue. For indoors, it's white) enter the apartment.

Foreman can't take Joe's screaming anymore. He grabs a syringe and plunges it into Joe's IV line, withdrawing some of its contents. While Chase bangs on the window and yells at Foreman that mainlining morphine could stop Joe's heart, House monologues that being constantly reminded of the horrible pain you're about to experience must really suck. And that all the pain Joe is in is just as bad for his heart as the morphine is. "You're condoning this?!" Chase asks. "I'm certainly not going in there to stop him!" House answers. I see his point. Foreman injects Joe's carotid artery with the morphine. He promises it will make Joe feel better, but it really, really doesn't. Instead, Joe screams even louder. House says that Joe's infection has spread to the pain center of his brain, causing hyperalgesia. His brain is making Joe think he's in incredible, horrible pain all the time, no matter how many painkillers they give him. That really sucks now. Foreman is absolutely horrified. House orders Chase to put Joe in a coma before the pain kills him.

Cameron looks all over the apartment and throws anything that looks like it might be medically relevant into a large bag. She even takes samples of Joe's pot soil.

House confronts Foreman over Cameron's whereabouts. Foreman doesn't answer his accusations; he just sulks on his hospital bed.

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