Euphoria, Part I

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Cameron's done with her work. She exits the apartment, only to find House and his hot motorcycle jacket waiting for her in the hallway. "I decided you were wrong," she tells him. "God, you're weak," House says. In his opinion, if someone steals your article and tells you you're not his friend, that person isn't worth risking your own life for. Cameron explains/tattles that her life is on the line now, too. House's only response is that Cameron is ever weaker than he thought, to risk her life for someone who stole her article, said they weren't friends, AND may have infected her with a deadly disease. I think House is missing the point here. Cameron insists that she's only there to save herself, but House says the fact that she's wearing a HAZMAT suit tells him differently. Why would she bother trying to prevent herself from getting an infection that she thought she already had, right? Cameron knows how small the chances are of Foreman spreading something to her with that needle. She just wanted an excuse to get to the apartment. "What does a guy have to do to make you hate him?" House wonders. Then he halts her attempts to escape by throwing his cane in her way, and grabs her bag o'death samples. He pulls them out, now in individual biohazard bags, and notices that Cameron's collected no less than three loaves of rye bread. Cameron doesn't think that's significant. House tells her to get back in the apartment he tried all episode to keep her out of.

House and Cameron communicate over their cell phones. House explains that he doubts that a guy with an apartment full of old pizza boxes is also a big rye bread eater. Cameron makes her way out onto the balcony. She tries to lure some pigeons over by cooing like one of them -- which is just asinine even if it is kind of cute -- then just tosses pieces of rye bread on the ground when that doesn't work. Sure enough, the pigeons come flying over almost immediately. House says that this means Joe's been feeding those pigeons habitually. But there isn't any pigeon turd to be found on the ground. That's because it's all over my car right now. Stupid pigeons. House's theory is that someone's been cleaning it up. A guy who steals cable would also "steal" fertilizer for his weed garden from flying rats. Cameron finds a bucket, and opens it to reveal a bucket full of pigeon shit. Dude, stealing cable and using diseased-ass pigeon droppings to fertilize a garden you're intending to smoke instead of just buying some nice, clean fertilizer are two very different things. This is just ridiculous. But House is sure they've found the culprit: Cryptococcus neoformans. "Don't cut corners when you're growing your pot," House lectures. He leaves Cameron to collect some samples for testing.

Foreman tells Chase he should have found those pigeon droppings when he was at the apartment. Chase tells him not to blame himself. Foreman notes that Joe's EEG is showing that Joe is still in pain in his coma. He wants to treat Joe now, but Chase says they can't until they get the word from House to do so. Foreman finally asks how Cameron is doing after he totally tried to kill her. "She's not giddy," Chase answers, looking slightly annoyed at Foreman for his actions.

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