Euphoria, Part I

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Staff Infection

Sure enough, Joe is feeling better with the treatment. Foreman checks him out to find how much he's improved, but his cold attitude toward Joe makes Joe suspect that Foreman has a problem with the police. Chase comes in with a chest X-ray that shows that the cop's lungs are, indeed, looking better. Foreman comes over to the other side of the bed. Joe addresses Foreman, but he's looking at where Foreman was standing before, not where he is now. Joe asks a few nervous questions about whether Foreman "found anything" at his apartment. Foreman turns the X-ray display around and tells the cop some more stuff about his lungs, pointing to areas of the X-ray display. Joe doesn't notice the X-ray. Foreman waves a hand in front of Joe's face, which he probably just should have done in the first place, and again, the cop doesn't see it. Which is good, because he probably wouldn't like seeing Foreman and Chase's resulting "oh, shit" faces.

After the commercial, Foreman is checking out Joe's eyes. Joe stubbornly says that he's fine, and takes his face away from the machine, only to bump into it. Because he's not fine. He's blind. Foreman interrupts Cameron's attempt to soothe and comfort the patient to ask Joe what Cameron is wearing. Joe confidently reports that she's wearing a white shirt, blue pants, and black shoes. He's totally wrong, of course, since we all know that Cameron is wearing a vest right now.

The Cottages go back to House with Joe's latest symptom. His eyes are actually working fine, but his brain isn't processing the information they're feeding it. Which is why Joe thinks he can see when he really can't. Cameron wonders whether the bullet fragments could have caused this, but House doubts that they would have hit the two hemispheres of the Joe's brain in exactly the same spot like that. I think he should give Baby Shoes more credit here. House is certain that they're looking for a blood clot, and tells the Cottages to give the cop blood thinners and do an MRI so they can find the clot. Sounding tired, Chase says that they can't do that; if the bullet fragments are magnetic, then an MRI will make some very bad things happen. House doesn't care about this, though, figuring that if they don't do the MRI, then Joe will die anyway. Foreman says that the bullet shattered instead of just getting caught by the bulletproof vest, indicating that Baby Shoes was using .38 hollow point bullets, which are, indeed, magnetic. Everyone takes a minute to be equally impressed and frightened that Foreman knows this. He's street, y'all! The Cottages all rally to do an angio instead, but House says that's a waste of time, since those apparently don't work when it comes to clots in skulls. House tells them to go ahead and do that, and then meet him in the morgue. I hope it's not a lunch meeting.

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