Euphoria, Part I

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Before they can do the angio, Foreman needs a few minutes to tell Joe off for being "one part bully, nine parts hypocrite." Eh, I'd say it's more seven parts bully and three parts hypocrite. And don't get me started on those parking enforcement officers.

Foreman hasn't even sat down in the angio booth yet before Cameron's asking him what the hell is wrong with him, scolding a "sick and scared" patient like that. Foreman says that he was just having some "fun" at the expense of a "crooked cop." Cameron thinks that Foreman should take himself off the case if he can't be objective about the patient, which is a lot coming from Cameron, who was so unobjective about a patient that she couldn't bring herself to make sad by telling her she had terminal cancer. Foreman doesn't pay attention to this, and tells the cop he should be back on the streets "scaring the crap out of people in no time." Is it scaring the crap out of "people" or is it just Foreman?

The Cottages meet House down in the morgue. As House looks around at the morgue's usual quiet occupants, Cameron tattles that Foreman shouldn't be on the case because of his problem with police officers. House isn't having this, saying that Foreman is a neurologist and their patient has a problem in his brain, so Foreman is kinda necessary. Foreman grins that he was "just busting the guy's chops," and when you think about it, what he said to the guy probably wasn't any different than anything House has ever said to a patient. Chase tells House the angio results, which seem to show a clotting but don't give any more details than that and are, therefore, useless, as House predicted. But, the Cottages say, it did tell them something, and they didn't have to kill the guy to get it. House says that they don't know for sure that the fragments are magnetic, but he's got a great plan to find out. And with this, he pulls a gun out of a plastic bag and shoots a corpse in the head. Chase and Cameron, their fingers in their ears, are shocked and appalled. Foreman plays it cool, smiling and shaking his head at his boss's crazy schemes. He especially enjoys it when a morgue attendant rushes in to see what that loud noise was.

While Chase and Foreman wheel the newly bullet-riddled corpse to an MRI, House asks Cameron how unprofessional Foreman was being around the cop. "Ask him yourself; he's right here!" Foreman declares joyfully. "Worse than usual. Better than you," Cameron answers. House says that he wants to know whether Foreman was giving Joe a hard time because of "repressed black anger" or "giddiness." The two are very different concepts, as one means that Foreman has one of the cop's symptoms and the other is House being his usual racist asshole self. Foreman knows what House is implying here, and he runs up to tell House that he isn't sick. House isn't so sure of that, pointing out that Foreman's response to his latest outrageous antic of shooting a corpse in the head was a strange foolish grinning. Hey, if no one reacts to House with shock, outrage, and disgust, then there's really no reason for House to do this stuff anymore, is there? And House can't have that! But Foreman insists that he's simply "bored" by House's behavior, not giddy. House points out that while Forman is arguing with him, Chase is silently trying -- and failing -- to move the corpse by himself.

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