Euphoria, Part I

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Staff Infection

Foreman's busy taking his temperature and testing his muscles to see how close he is to turning into Joe, when House drops by for a visit. House doesn't say hello, though, just dismisses Foreman's theory by saying that staph infections are usually present on the skin. No longer giddy, Foreman snaps that House isn't treating him like a patient like he said he would. House says that staph would have hit Foreman's internal organs before reaching the brain, and since it didn't, it's not staph. So House wants Foreman to agree to a brain biopsy. Foreman won't sign it without looking at his MRI. House was expecting this, and holds it up to the window for Foreman to see. The telltale abscess Foreman was hoping to see isn't there, but Foreman does have a fever now, so he's still convinced it's staph. House regrets giving him his own thermometer.

Foreman has to be awake and aware for his brain surgery. Chase flashes cards with colored shapes on them, while we hear the disconcerting sound of a drill boring into a skull. And then there's the even more disconcerting sound of House's voice asking Foreman his date of birth. Foreman doesn't understand; the Omaya reservoir is inserted in an area of the brain that deals with stuff like shape and color recognition. Memory and stuff like that would be the kinds of questions you'd ask someone who was getting, like, a brain biopsy -- oh, House! He just went ahead and did the brain biopsy anyway! "Get out of my temporal lobe, House," Foreman says. But there's nothing he can really do about it.

Night falls on PPTH. Joe wakes up and calls to the person behind the room divider. He heard that he got a new roommate, and he wants to chat. Foreman acknowledges his presence in the room, and Joe recognizes his voice as his former doctor, which is good since he couldn't see Foreman even if the room divider curtain wasn't up. Joe even remembers that Foreman doesn't like him, but he's also too scared and in too much pain to really care. Foreman is scared too, and he tries to reassure the guy that the fact that he knows that he's blind now could be a good sign. Joe tells him that he can expect to be in intense pain soon -- pain that morphine doesn't even help. "I'm gonna die, aren't I?" Joe sobs. Foreman says no; if Joe dies, then Foreman dies. And Foreman isn't going to die since he's got like a five-year contract with this show.

The Precious Moments Emmy Scene music comes on, and Joe asks Foreman if he believes in prayer. Foreman says he doesn't, and Joe says that he doesn't, either. They both have fathers who are big into God, though, which gives them at least one thing in common. Joe wants to try praying now, since he thinks it's wise to hedge his bets now that he's on what may very well be his death bed. Plus, it's not like Joe has anything else to do, since no one has come to visit the poor guy since he's been in there. I mean, no family or friends or even his co-workers! Not even Baby Shoes! I'd smoke all that weed too if my life was so lonely. Foreman agrees to pray with Joe.

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