Euphoria, Part II

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Black Matter, White Matter

But Daddy Foreman doesn't care about the holes in this script that are as big as the ones in Foreman's brain, since he loves God and hates medicine. He just wants to know if his son will be okay. This puts Cameron in the position of having to tell him that, while the parasite won't leave any "lasting damage," her little biopsy fun times probably will. They won't know for sure until Foreman wakes up.

Daddy Foreman strokes his son's hand, showing off that rarely-seen tattoo of his. As the musical montage proceeds, various cast members check on Foreman's condition, including Cuddy, who still looks extremely guilty. There's no need for that anymore, Cuddy! It's now all Cameron's fault if Foreman wakes up with brain damage! You're off the hook! Smile!

The first thing Foreman sees upon waking up is House flashing a light in his eyes. Cameron's behind him, and Daddy Foreman is behind her. "Up and at 'em!" House says, then backs off a few steps. Everyone looks worried at what Foreman will wake up like. "Can you talk?" Cameron asks nervously. "I don't feel anything," Foreman says. House makes an expression that I can't decipher, since his face goes flying up off the frame. Thank you, Deran. Please don't work on this show again. Everyone's afraid that Foreman is a quadriplegic now, but he just meant that he's not in pain anymore. "I'm okay," he says. "What are our names?" House asks. The question makes Foreman realize that Cameron did the biopsy. He sincerely thanks her for this, then tells everyone their names: "Cameron. My dad. And a manipulative bastard." Everyone is relieved. Cameron starts crying. Daddy Foreman does not start thanking Jesus, which I would have expected him to.

While House tests Foreman's reflexes, Cameron tells Foreman about the Naegleria she found in his brain and that House found in the cop's apartment, although she doesn't say that he found it just a few minutes after they started the biopsy. But everything's cool, now that Foreman's okay. Oh, wait -- when House asks him to wiggle his toes, he doesn't. But he thinks he did. Cameron's relief turns to dread. House asks Foreman to raise his right arm. Foreman raises his left arm. Well, that sucks, but based on all the stuff that could have gone wrong with the biopsy, I'd say Foreman got off pretty well. I've never had a brain biopsy and I can't tell my rights and lefts apart either. Although something tells me that Foreman's problem is a little more complicated than that.

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