Euphoria, Part II

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Black Matter, White Matter

When it comes down to it, Foreman would rather have a white matter brain biopsy and risk a lifetime of drooling than take the antibiotics that will bring back the pain. And he makes his cranky old man face when he says this, so you know he's serious. House gets wise: "Pain makes us make bad decisions. Fear of pain is almost as big a motivator." I would actually say that fear of pain is more of a motivator than pain itself. House says that he'll do the biopsy if he has to, but "not a moment before." If there is something eating away at Foreman's brain, then I'd say the sooner, the better. Your brain doesn't magically regenerate itself just because whatever destroyed it has gone away. Well, not in real life. On this show, it does. Foreman grapples around for the antibiotics, finds them, and dry swallows them all in one gulp. House looks very sad.

House goes to the chapel to see Daddy Foreman and update him on Foreman's condition. He says that if his diagnosis is wrong, then they'll have to put Foreman in a coma to deal with the pain. Daddy Foreman says that Foreman told him House was a "manipulative bastard." "It's a pet name. I call him 'Dr. Bling,'" House responds. I don't know where that nickname would have come from, other than the fact that Foreman is black, but Daddy Foreman just nods his head and asks House what he wants from him. House wants Daddy Foreman to know that he'll be responsible for making decisions for Foreman when he's in the coma. Daddy Foreman hands off all of that responsibility to House, saying that he isn't a doctor so he shouldn't have to make any decisions based on knowledge he doesn't have. And Foreman told him that House is the best doctor he's ever worked with, so Daddy Foreman trusts him.

Cameron's working on Foreman when he reaches out and grabs her arm. She turns, afraid that this will be followed by a punch in the face, based on her recent history with Foreman. But no, he just says that he needs her help: when he goes in a coma, he'll need a medical proxy. And he wants Cameron to be it. She's surprised, as is probably the rest of the viewing audience, but Foreman explains that all the things about Cameron that make her, in his opinion, a bad doctor also make her a great medical proxy. She's cautious and emotional and she always wants what's best for the patient, unless the patient is a cheating cyclist -- in which case he can rot in hell and SUFFER. "I can't do this!" Cameron says. Foreman quotes her article, where she raised the point that family members who know nothing about medicine and are in the middle of grieving shouldn't be expected to make decisions. Using her first name, he apologizes for stealing the article and exposing her to his disease, and says that he really does think of her as a friend. At least, he does now -- since he thinks he's dying and wants to make amends. "I'll be your proxy, but we're not okay," Cameron says. But she's not just being petty and refusing to give a dying man some peace; she just knows that Foreman will get better and have the opportunity to talk to her about this later. That's plenty of motivation for Foreman not to get better, actually.

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